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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lesson 1: Good Deeds.

Hello Everyone. *yawn* im feeling a bit argh...like sick and grumpy. Oh like my layout? i kno i change it alot, im pretty picky sorry.

Today im cleaning my room :) because im takin stuff that im too old or cant fit anymore and give them away to my neighboors i babysit :) i kno they'll be SO happy XD

omg got rejected again from a guy :) im used to it, i asked Tyler, the boy i always had a crush and he only said "Karla...i kne u for bout weeks but ur my bestfriend, ur the only person who understands me...iloveyou!<3" that makes me happy :DDDDD fasjfbasjfasjfka i didnt wanna ask Justin out cuz he, loves to drink alot also he worries us alot. i dont think he likes me, blah :P

Question 1: How was your day?
Question 2: How was your summer?
Question 3: I have a blonde hair but only on a front strip, should i do all my head part, not the botton? i'll look SO GOOD. :) should I?

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