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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

it was perfect

Date: Wensday
Time: 6:32am
Mood: Tired/Sad
Song: none

Yo everyone.lol.im trying to put music on my ipod.

school yesturday was boring. lol

and i have a dream lastnight...it was "perfect"! lol it was about me and EE2~ ^3^ speakin of EE2. Me and him had a fight on the phone yesturday. :P

i felt bad. well g2g. byez.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

i hate school!

Date: Tuesday
Time: 6:40am
Mood: Tired
Song: Kelly Shoes

im sorry i didnt post for yesturday

well Sunday:
Wasnt that much special.There was a party at my house and my friend stayied over till 5am. Thats when i fell asleep and woke up at 10am. i went to Edmari's house and sleep over there.

also me and my dad couldnt go to the mall so...no piecring for my daddy...YET! >:D

I came home from Edmari's house at 12am because we stayied till 7am. lol

and at home...it was nuthin. my computer broke and my dad fixed it by deleting all my files and stuff...but what he hasnt fixed yet it the hole where i can charge my battery...still havent fixed that. T_T

well vacation is over. lol bye guys! <3

Who has school friday?

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Sunday, January 14, 2007


Date: Sunday
Time: 2:44am
Mood: Tired
Song: Kingdom Hearts Theme

Dude...im tired.SAVE ME! theres like a party at my house.My friend and I took myspace pics. lol XD and my room is a mess!


today afternoon, im forcing my dad to get his ear piercing...OH YESH! XD

well g2g. batteries almost dying.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

If my love died before i wake, ...

Date: Saturday
Time: 8:07am
Mood: Sick/Tired/Bored
Song: "Hiphop is DEAD" - Nas

Yo everyone. srry i didnt post for a while.i forgot to switch batteries on my laptop and also my dad was fixing my laptop but never hvae time...so i got mad! im about to do it by myself.

anywayz, thursday night, i went to Edmari's house and her friend Nisha was sleeping over. i would of leave the house but Edmari would be sad so i stay there till the next day. and i finally got out and went to my house.

but its been boring lately and im getting more sick.

well peace everyone.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

not in the mood for anything

Date: Tuesday
Time: 6:36am
Mood: Tired/Mad

Yesturday SUCKED ASS! i had no lunch, teachers are making us get more materials for school. blah blah and its going to be really busy.

All im happy about is that Jeffrey doesnt have my gym but his girlfriend does -_- shes SO ANNOYING!

then went back home, me and my bro had a HUGE fight. then we had to sleep early cuz of that.

well thats it. Hope u guys have a better day then i do!


Who doesnt have school on friday? cuz i dont.

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Monday, January 8, 2007

Vacation is over, Back to work :(

Date: Monday
Time: 6:15am
Mood: Tired

no.its school day. :( this sucks

my laptop isnt fixed yet...my dad is ordering this thing to fix my laptop! :D

so i'll be fix sometime soon. Just hope the thing fixes my laptop righ ::thumbs up::

well g2g

everyone...good luck with school! :]

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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Vacation is almost over! :(

Date: Sunday
Time: 1:24am
Mood: Normal

Hey Everyone.My dad didnt have time for fixing my laptop, but soon he will fix it!

Tomorrow or either tuesday, school starts. :(

but my friend Edmari is coming home from her vacation :D so excited, havent seen her in 4 weeks! Also havent talk to EE2 for 4 weeks -_-

ANYWAYS! i dont think i'll be posting everyday once again. School is almost starting...u noe.

Today i want to get my hair straighten and go to the movies with Jeffrey BUT my bud Jeffrey is pays more attetion to his girlfriend that has no ass or no boobs -_-

Also i start my excersing and training. My dad said im training how to box really good. Cuz i got boxing gloves :) i'll probably go to a gym! :D yay!

well g2g, Happy 3 Kings Day!

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Friday, January 5, 2007

Who said Life isnt Fair?

Date: Friday
Time: 12am
Mood: tired/bored

Yo.Havent posted for a while.srry, couldnt sneak in my dad's laptop. :(

But im glad i can be on! just for a few mins. Me and my dad found out the problem of my laptop.My laptop isnt much broken, the charger/battery isnt the prob. Is the plug of my computer, that hole is broken...me and my dad is goin to fix it! ::thumbs up::

another prob i need to work on, is that im trying to find a way to sell stuff on ebay to buy another razor phone.

but for now on, im on a diet.im not FAT like u can see my belly stick out, but i have rolls, and i want to excirses and train. (just incase i go for boxing ;D)


And guys, PMs saying "how is u and EE2 doin?" cuz now...Me and EE2 are living diffrent lifes. So i really dont want to talk about our status.

well g2g, hope i have my laptop fix.peace.

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

You rathered Lyied then Ignore me.

Date: Tuesday
Time: 7:58am
Mood: Depressed/Tired/Bored

Sorry i didnt post for 2 days.

On New Years Eve my parents took me a Hotal (that i didnt know about) and we were a place away from Daytona Beach! It was like 3 hours away from my home. :(

And we went to a house, i dont even know there person who owns the house!-_- I played Pool the WHOLE time. When everyone was counting down, i was in the bathroom...crying. (don ask why) And i came out like 5 mins later and then played pool again. Everyone jumped behind me and said "HAPPY NEW YEARSS!!!" and i hit my finger very hard by using the stick the squeeze my hand while i miss the ball (cant explain) but it hurted so bad so i said "oh shit!" my bro came in the room and said "haha, thats your first words of this year!" and i said "STFU!".

but im back home, and still my laptop is brokin. but i wont post daily. but im not like EE2. im not being lazy. well bye. Hope i can post tomorrow.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fucking Sucks!

Date: Saturday
Time: 7:30am
Mood: Pissed/Tired/Bored/Depressed

Hey everyone.sneaking on my dads laptop...again.

Yesturday i was watching movies.i ate 3 bags of popcorn and 5 cokes.not health D:

then i was listening to my ipod.

soon i was on the bathroom shaving my legs and my phone rang and i picked it up, noone answer.then they called back..the vibrationg scaried me and i drop my pink razor phone in the water D:

15mins that happen, it worked! then i called my friend Edmari about it and she said that happened to her before.She drop hers on the toliet XD

but an hour later, my phone didnt work anymore D: im scaried to tell my parents, so i wrote a letter and left it on there bed, while i went asleep.Now im scaried even to walk up in the morn. :(

well g2g.byez everyone!

Quote of the Day
"I talk to much, dont i?" - Edmari
"hahahahaha...maybe" - me

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