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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Violin, Orthodontist &+ Death Note! ^_~

Well, I had my first violin lesson in a long time. All the music festival kept me busy so I couldn't go. But, ~Sighs~ I finally went today! It was boring but it's fun at the same time. After that, I went home and ate mashed potatoes. (Random o.O)

After eating the delicious mashed potatoes, I went to the orthodontist. Man, have I ever felt so relieved?! The wire in the back of my mouth came out and my tongue never felt so much happier!! Ehhhh, I`m weird! Well, now the orthodontist tightened the braces so I gotta deal with not biting hard food/candy. Well, I gotta do what I gotta do!

I started watching Death Note yesterday. I`ve always wanted to watch it. Never found time to actually start a new anime. Well, I watched episode 1 to 6 yesterday. I was happy I got to watch it. Death Note is freakin` addicting! But, I still don't think it's as addicting as Hikaru no Go. HnG is written by the same author who wrote Death Note, for the ones who are confused. ^_^ Well, Death Note is still good and it`s been the only thing that's been going through my head since yesterday night.

I wanna watch DNAngel or Tsubasa Chronicles after Death Note. I just know that they're gonna be awesome as well! I wanna watch other anime too! GRR! I wanna watch so much anime and I got little time. -___-' ~Huge Sigh~ Well, I`m going to start watchin` episode ten of Death Note after this post. To end this boring post, here are....

Questions For You ^_^:

[1] Any anime you really want to see right now?
[2] Have you ever watched Death Note?
[3] Do you have braces?
[4] Ever had ramen? Or instant noodle?
[5] How would you react if a Shinigami[God of Death] was real?

Hehe, that's all fer today! Ja Ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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Friday, March 16, 2007

Good Day! XD

I took the last part of the Math Assessment today! =] YESS! ~Cheers!~ Now the only State Test I have left is Social Studies. I don't know when that's gonna be but my worst subject is Social Studies!! GRRR! I`m totally gonna fail that... ~Sighs~ -___-' Well, I guess I`ll be studying for THAT test. (Probably won't hehe XD)

Today, the only class I took notes for was Social Studies. No matter what it is, my Social Studies teacher always give us work to do. It could be easy but taking notes just bore me to sleep. I even almost fell asleep today during SS!

Ah, I was on the phone with Baka Neko [xX9.tailed:NekoXx] & I couldn't even speak at all. I have braces and the wire from the left side of my mouth all came to the right side of my mouth and the wire is poking my tongue. A part of my tongue hurts and stings. It's probably a `lil bit swollen as well! BAKA ORTHODONIST!! Well, I`m going to the Orthodontist tomorrow for an appointment so that is good! Baka Neko is really baka for laughing at me (from the way I was talking). I sounded like I have madd food in my mouth that I can't swallow. ~Laughs~ I guess it IS funny when you think about it but ehhh the pain just isn't going away. THE PAiN SHALL DiEEEEE!~ Well, someone is hypahh`!

Ehhh, moving on! I have been wanting to watch Death Note, ever since I finished watching Hikaru no Go... I was on the phone with Baka Neko and this was our conversation:
Me: The only character I know from Death Note is L.
Baka Neko: Yeahhh me too.
Me: You know what? I`ll talk to you later. I`m gonna go watch Death Note. ~Chuckles~

&+ We went on like that for awhile. After that, she let me go and I began my first episode of Death Note!!! As you can see, I was really willing to watch it. Right now, I`m about to begin the third episode. Oh my goshh.. ~Rolls Eyes~ I`m gonna end up getting addicted to Death Note like I was addicted to Full Moon. ~Sighs~ Well, I`m gonna go back to watchingg~!

Ja Ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Math Assessment-»No Homework!! (=^_^=) Chyeaa ~

  Today, it was a boring day. It payed off though! The Math Assessment Test was really easy! The 2th part was hard at first because I couldn't really understand two of the questions but it turned out really easy! Though there was one question I know for sure I got wronggg. -__-' ~Sighs~ I can never get a full score on anything...... I bet I got more wrong. I`m going to have Part 3 of the test tomorrow.~The good thing about having Assessment Tests is that I don't have any homework! ! ^_^ ~Cheers~ I bet I don't have any homework tomorrow either! Haha, yayy! Now I have an excuse to go on the computer longerr.

My dad was acting like an @SSH0lE yesterday and threatened me saying that he's going to take away my computer today. But, it looks like he didn't cuz I`m on it right now! Hopefully, he won't take it away at all.

I am currently looking at my brownie and thinking if I should save it or not. I`m also on myspace. I`m also listening to some music. My Anime Playlist to be exact. ^_~

I`m going to a school play at the high school today. I don't know what it's about but I haven't really gone out lately so I`m gonna go. I`m probably not gonna be understanding anything about it. ~Blank Chibi Stare~ I think it cost $ to go see it too! -___-' Well, I think I`ll try to save my brownie until thenn.

I`m going to try to make wallpaper(s) later. I`m gonna go now since, I might be boring you guys with all these writings and stuff`! =^_^=

Ja Ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Funny Day --» New Wallpaper! ^_^

First off, I have to tell you guys about today! The 6th and 7th graders had a Math Assessment test so the 8th graders (including me) went to the gymnasium for an assembly. We had one yesterday but we only watched the stupidest movie, so that was no fun. Today, they had college students from Stony Brook come to put on a presentation they made up with ideas from true stories. It was based on drugs, alcohol, and people using them. These people played as different characters in different scenes. Some scenes were hilarious while others were just WOW. We had alotta fun and we laughed at a lot of the scenes for their funny-nest. Ah, trust me, if any of you guys were over watching these college students, you would laugh you @$$ off! They were funny as hell. =]

Well, I made a new wallpaper yesterday around midnight, so I couldn't tell you guys. I`m gonna tell you now that it's Full Moon wo Sagashite! I think this wallpaper is "alright."

Click on the image to get the full size view.

I hope you guys like the wallpaper. I`m gonna make more soon! [Who knows when?!] I might start to make Naruto again. Hehe. ~Laughs Just a Little~

Oi! I don't got homework today!! ~Cheers!~ I finished my Language Arts homework in school but I didn't know that until I read the homework board. ~Puts hand behind head and laughs shamefully~ Well, the teacher doesn't mind as long as we pay attention in class. (I don't pay attention sometimes. Hehe.) =]~ Well, as long as I did it, I`m happy. I have a Math Assessment Test tomorrow. I want to get at least a high 3 or in the 4. (I think 4 is the highest). o.O Well, all I need is a calculator, which I gotta find. But I`m too lazy to fine anything right now. -___-` ~Laughs for no reason~ ^_~ If I pass this test with high score, I might not have to do the final exams for math! How cool is that?! Haha, I hope I get in the high score. (probably not going to).

I`m going to go watch some anime and cartoons so, ja ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fxckinggg Moronn >:O

I seems like I`ve only been having a bad luck. First, I got to my concert an hour late then the coach of the swimming team can't let me join because I supposely "commited" to chamber orchestra. HELLO MORON?! It's once a week! &+ Only six more weeks left. ~Cracking Knuckles~ Seriously, I will beat the shit outta that person. Then he calls my dad and asks him if I should join. My dad sides with him. Godddd, adults are all baka these days. [Not including Otakuians] Well, one of my teachers is gonna talk to the principal about it. That`s gonna be good. &+ lots of my friends are gonna have my backkk... Chyeaaaa! Cuz this teacher has no right to tell me "Don't join. You're already commited to orchestra. You can't miss swimming once a week!" That teacher, seriously, is going down!!!! HAHAH! (I sound mean) Butttt, the teacher got me all pissed. It's just like YOU not being able to join something you love because you joined something else. -____-` ~Sighs~

I never did my Social Studies homework yesterday so I`m gonna do it today. I`m gonna have to do two of `em. Hehe, I finished my essay so that's the good thing. I don't got Math and for Spanish, I`m gonna bring in something in a bag and give the class some clues to guess what it is. I hate presenting no matter what it is. Well, I`m currently listening to the playlist on my page. I changed my avatar too! No one can see it unless I comment your post or signed your guestbook..... hehe. I don't know about youu, but I love itt. Haha, that just came outta no where.

I`m gonna go do some homework, then watch anime on YouTube (I might watch Hikaru no Go AGAiN!). I love HnG though, so I won't mind watching it. Naruto will remain first and HnG will always remain second. The rest are just in random orders. [YOU KNOW?! WHY AM I EVEN TELLIN YOU GUYS THIS?!!] Hehe, now I`m really getting random. After watching YouTube, I`m gonna try not to be lazy and make some wallpapers.

Ja Ne`! `1 WUN!


P.S. I forgot to mention! I found the full version of Sakura Hiyori (Ending theme for Bleach). I think I remember seeing Ordinary Girl wanting to find it? o.O Haha, let me know if you want it (If you don't have it already) Jaa!

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Monday, March 12, 2007


I`m feelin` like a total loser right now! Yesterday at the concert, I walk into the school where I was going to perform. I thought I was early. I went to the orchestra room. I see everyone's stuff and all the music on the stands were gone. I was like, "SHITTTT!" literally! I was about to kill myself and I realize I got my time screwed up! Wow, you should've seen me!! I was ready to burst out getting physical on my cell phone. ~Laughs!~ I guess it is pretty funny now that I think about it. I`m a loser! Haha! And proud of it! My procrastinating really got me embarrassed this time!! (Haha, Ordinary Girl, I wonder if anything like this happened to you!? ^_~)

Well, speaking of procrastinating, I gotta write an essay for Language Arts and homework for Spanish, and Social Studies. -__-' ~Sighs~ Well, I gotta get going and type the essay and do the homework. Ja Nee! `1 WUN [Peace]


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Concert Day! ^_^ ---

At precisely 3:30 PM today, I gotta leave for my concert! I gotta get there at 4:15 and the concert starts at 5:00 PM. It's kinda late but it's mandatory so I can't do anything about it. -___- I`m happy and not happy at the same time. I hate to dress formal and wear b&w and stuff like that. I`m really into dressing carelessly...... Haha... that was randommm. o.O

I just watched Full Moon again. It's like the only thing I`ve been watching lately.. and no matter how much I watch the last few episodes, I always end up having tears in my eyes and then saying to myself, "It's ALRiGHT! They`re happy so I`m happy!" or something like that...... weird ehh ?

Currently, I`m trying to think up of idea for an wallpaper... maybe I should make Naruto wallpaper againn.... maybe Full Moon too. -____-' I`ll decide on it later... right now, I`m gonna watch more cartoons or anime.

Well, Jaaaa~ `1 WUN! [Peace]


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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Crazy day again! o.O

Again, thanks for over 300 visits! Keep on visiting me people!! Chyeaa! Well, on the way home from rehearsal, all of us on the bus were going crazy! We were waving to people in the cars behind us and we would give `em the peace and the rock n` roll sign! There was this one guy, we waved to him and he had the WTF?! face and he was basically going crazy to try to see who we were and he was turning his head side ways and other ways to see us then he waved back wildly and we started to crack the hell up like DYING!! [That was the longest sentence I`ve ever written.] Well, randommm, but funny. I`m gonna miss it though cuz today was the last day of rehearsal and tomorrow is the concert. Then the next festival is next year in March.... Well, I have two festivals but this festival is easier and more fun because this festival has orchestra, band, and chorus people. The other one I go to only has orchestra and the music is harder. -____-` ~Sighs~

I made a Naruto wallpaper, featuring Sasuke and Itachi, the Uchiha Clan brothers! It got posted up today:

Check it outttt~! ^_~ Well, I gotz to go! Ja Ne~! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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Friday, March 9, 2007

300 Visits! & Orchestra.... ^_~

Yayy for over 300 visits! I`m really happy. I was on the way home from the music festival [I play in the orchestra] and everyone including our chaperone were hyper .... ehhh well the students. The teacher was really tired but eyyy, she was laughing and yet confused sometimes because I was talking too fast and stuffs. Then I tripped over my friend's foot and I basically went flying across the school bus. Mannn, that was fun but I almost fell. ~Laughs!~ I get all happy and weirded out just thinking about it. o.O Well still, it made my Friday night. But, I don't think tomorrow would be that fun because we're having another chaperone and she's suppose to be strict and yeahh. ~Snaps fingers and saying "awhh MANNN!"~ I`m gonna go for a shower be back in a few minutes.....

20 Minutes Later.... I`m backkk! That felt good... &+ I just sneezed. &+ Now I want soup. I`m gonna go get some laterr! Wo0t w0ot!

Now my mom is yelling at me and stuff and being annoying. Well, I`m gonna go now! Thanks for the 300 visits! I got orchestra tomorrow too! I`ll update to let you guys know anything if something happens! Ja Ne! `1 WUN!


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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Randomness -__- Lucky Day? o.O

Oi people! Today, I took a vocabulary quiz in Language Arts and ehhh, I always end up failing them or close to failing them. -__- So hopefully, I`ll pass this time! YOSHHH! ~Punches fist in the air & screams HOORAY!~ Yeahh.... anyways, I got back a spelling quiz and got a 107%! Mannn, I was happy. And on a unit test, I got a 91%! By the way, those were tests from Language Arts too! I`m gonna raise my grade up! BUTTTT ~breaks the happy news~ I procrastinate on homework..... so that lowers my grade. ~HUGE Sigh~ [//.-'] Well, I made a new wallpaper for Fullmetal Alchemist!! Check it out! Though the quality is bad cuz the file size was too big and I had to make the quality worse so the file size was good enough to be submitted in. Take a look though:

Hehe XD If you want, go and download it. I`m gonna find more Naruto stuff and make Naruto wallpapers instead. Naruto is what I`m best at! ~Laughs~ Cuz, it's my number 1 favorite anime! Woooooo0o! o.O I`m all of a sudden in a good mood. I`m so baka! ~Puts hand behind head and laugh with embarrassment then sticks tongue out~

Hehe, I want my playlist to actually show on my page, so I`m gonna work on that later! I hope you guys like my playlist. All of my favorite songs! ^_~

I`m gonna update my iPod now! &+ enjoy myself to candy and errrrr do homework (which by the way, I probably won't do). ~Laughs~ Jaaaaa Ne~! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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