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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fxckinggg Moronn >:O
I seems like I`ve only been having a bad luck. First, I got to my concert an hour late then the coach of the swimming team can't let me join because I supposely "commited" to chamber orchestra. HELLO MORON?! It's once a week! &+ Only six more weeks left. ~Cracking Knuckles~ Seriously, I will beat the shit outta that person. Then he calls my dad and asks him if I should join. My dad sides with him. Godddd, adults are all baka these days. [Not including Otakuians] Well, one of my teachers is gonna talk to the principal about it. That`s gonna be good. &+ lots of my friends are gonna have my backkk... Chyeaaaa! Cuz this teacher has no right to tell me "Don't join. You're already commited to orchestra. You can't miss swimming once a week!" That teacher, seriously, is going down!!!! HAHAH! (I sound mean) Butttt, the teacher got me all pissed. It's just like YOU not being able to join something you love because you joined something else. -____-` ~Sighs~

I never did my Social Studies homework yesterday so I`m gonna do it today. I`m gonna have to do two of `em. Hehe, I finished my essay so that's the good thing. I don't got Math and for Spanish, I`m gonna bring in something in a bag and give the class some clues to guess what it is. I hate presenting no matter what it is. Well, I`m currently listening to the playlist on my page. I changed my avatar too! No one can see it unless I comment your post or signed your guestbook..... hehe. I don't know about youu, but I love itt. Haha, that just came outta no where.

I`m gonna go do some homework, then watch anime on YouTube (I might watch Hikaru no Go AGAiN!). I love HnG though, so I won't mind watching it. Naruto will remain first and HnG will always remain second. The rest are just in random orders. [YOU KNOW?! WHY AM I EVEN TELLIN YOU GUYS THIS?!!] Hehe, now I`m really getting random. After watching YouTube, I`m gonna try not to be lazy and make some wallpapers.

Ja Ne`! `1 WUN!


P.S. I forgot to mention! I found the full version of Sakura Hiyori (Ending theme for Bleach). I think I remember seeing Ordinary Girl wanting to find it? o.O Haha, let me know if you want it (If you don't have it already) Jaa!

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