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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Randomness -__- Lucky Day? o.O
Oi people! Today, I took a vocabulary quiz in Language Arts and ehhh, I always end up failing them or close to failing them. -__- So hopefully, I`ll pass this time! YOSHHH! ~Punches fist in the air & screams HOORAY!~ Yeahh.... anyways, I got back a spelling quiz and got a 107%! Mannn, I was happy. And on a unit test, I got a 91%! By the way, those were tests from Language Arts too! I`m gonna raise my grade up! BUTTTT ~breaks the happy news~ I procrastinate on homework..... so that lowers my grade. ~HUGE Sigh~ [//.-'] Well, I made a new wallpaper for Fullmetal Alchemist!! Check it out! Though the quality is bad cuz the file size was too big and I had to make the quality worse so the file size was good enough to be submitted in. Take a look though:

Hehe XD If you want, go and download it. I`m gonna find more Naruto stuff and make Naruto wallpapers instead. Naruto is what I`m best at! ~Laughs~ Cuz, it's my number 1 favorite anime! Woooooo0o! o.O I`m all of a sudden in a good mood. I`m so baka! ~Puts hand behind head and laugh with embarrassment then sticks tongue out~

Hehe, I want my playlist to actually show on my page, so I`m gonna work on that later! I hope you guys like my playlist. All of my favorite songs! ^_~

I`m gonna update my iPod now! &+ enjoy myself to candy and errrrr do homework (which by the way, I probably won't do). ~Laughs~ Jaaaaa Ne~! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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