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Monday, April 2, 2007

^O^ ~Yawns~

I am still up and it`s midnight. I am really tired and want to go to sleep. After all, I hope tomorrow can be a warm day so I can actually go outside. Ya know?! I think I heard the ice cream truck on Saturday. I was gonna run out but I didn`t have any money on me..... and besides I would`ve gotten in trouble. Hehe XD I am closing my eyes while typing this also.... hope I did everything right and typed everything correctly..... not like that`s gonna matter. I`m probably gonna end up checking what I`m writing after I finish writing this post. I think I`m going to fall asleep, so bare with me here. -___- ~Sighs & Yawns~ I really hope that tomorrow wouldn`t be as boring as today.... mann I hate Sundays. Even though this counts as Monday.... Whatever to what I just said... XD I`m currently listening to Naruto music and hopefully that would keep be awake and finish this post. I think the music is helping me. I can open my eyes now. ~Yayness~ ^_^ But I`m still tired. There is no way, not a change I will get hyper... Yeeaaapppp. -___-

If any of y`all didn`t notice, I made a new cursor for my site. Yeah, I know, ti`s pretty plain, just an arrow.. but hey, look at it when you hover it over a link! It flashes "CLICK" and that took me awhile to make. Even so, it`s easy. Whad`ya think of the cursor? Well, I think I`ll go to sleep right now. The Naruto music isn`t helping me like the usual. I guess I`m just too tired. Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


P.S. I might update this post around the P.M. to tell you guys about my day... o.O Maybe... ~In A Creeping Voice~

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Boring Day --O-- ~Yawns~

Today has been one of the boring-est day of my life! All I`ve done was eat, and watch television. I`ve also watched anime on YouTube. That was the only thing that was good.... I wish I could`ve gone outside or something. But up here in New York, it`s really, really cold. It does notttt feel like Spring at all. More like it`s still winter, but warm winter...... but still it's cold. My legs are frozen. Oh wait, my window`s open. Hehe XD ~Puts hand behind head and laughs shamefully~ But if I leave it close, the house would feel like it`s almost Summer. But--- *SOMEONE INTERRUPTS* Friend: OH JUST SHUT UP WILL YA?! Me: WELL SORRYYYY! JUST TOO MANY PROBLEMS. AND STOP YELLIN` AT ME BAKA! ......... Uhhmmmm, yeah I just felt like typing that. I think the only thing I can do right now is play the violin. After all, ~Sighs~ my exam for violin is coming up. This is a test I do not want to fail!

You guys like it? I had a cursor similar to this when I had my Naruto layout up. This cursor only takes me a few minutes to make and yeahh.... I just felt like telling you guys that. ~Laughs~ Well, Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Violin Lesson
It went alright today. I think I was 10 min. late to my teacher's house. -___-; ~Sighs~ My bro was suppose to go to the library and he kept us holding up, otherwise, I would`ve been on time. My teacher said I have to play two hours a day if I want to pass the violin exam with at least an 95 or higher. That only happened to me once, and that was in 6th
Test Grades
This was one thing I forgot to mention yesterday. In Language Arts, we got a lot of our tests/quizzes and essays back. On a Spelling Quiz [Easy!] I got an 105%. For two Vocabulary Tests on stories we read, I got 100% for both of them! =^_^= &+ For an Advice Essay, I got two grades. I got an 96% for Content and 93% for Mechanics..... o.O Huh? Anyways, that was a big suprise for me to get everything above a 90. I think I`m gonna actually raise my average in Language Arts. I`m happy! I think I`m boring you guys right? Gomenosai!

Science Fair Project
Apart from getting all good grades, this is a project that I have to get at least over a 90 for! I mean, I got this huge poster board that folds for $16! I think it was a rip off but we aren't allow to use posters and this was the only folding poster board there is. -____- I`m suppose to do this over the vacation? I`m not planning to but I gotta do what I gotta do to raise up my Science average. I`m kinda good in Science, especially Astronomy -`» Jupiter! For every Science Project where we can choose what we can do, I`ve always picked Jupiter. Ehh, my favorite planet and it`s easy for me to do since I know alot about it. Thoughhhh, I think I forgot some. Hehe XD Well, if I`m going to do this project, it`ll probably take me about 2 days to do it if I don't get any distraction. One day could probably be enough! Buttttt, I definitely cannot do a project without distraction! Not my style. ^_~ Ehhhh.... enough with that..

I ate sooooo much tortilla chips with cheese and salsa today. I think I got sick of it... Hehe XD This is a random paragraph just me expressing how much I love to eat. o.O Friend: Weirdo!!! Me: Oh shuttupppp, everyone loves food! ~Stuffs mouth with food~ ^_^

Since I`m playing the violin and working on a project, I might not be able to make wallpapers for awhile. But I`ll always find some time and make some... since that is one distraction out of hundreds of `em. ~Laughs~ I think I`m gonna go now. I might get in trouble and I do not want to miss the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards thing . Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring Break! ^_^ ~CHEERS LOUDDD!~

Spring Break
My Spring Break officially starts right now! I have until April 10th, Tuesday, to do whatever I want. I start school again on Tuesday which is probably gonna pass by so fast it will feel like 2 hours of break. -___- I will probably get more mangas and watch anime non-stop.... then I really, really need to chill with my friends. I mean, it`s been a long time since then.

It sucks when you know that you have a break and then you also find out you have lots of homework and/or projects to do. I have a Science Project due the day we come back. I also have Science homework. Phew, that's alot for me. Besides, my printer isn`t a color printer so I`m guessing I have to go to the library [haven`t gone there for months]. (//.-) This really sucks.

New Theme!
Well, I put up a new theme yesterday for those who didn't know. I just felt like having Takuto on was getting kinda old. So, I have Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis! & I have some radd PoT songs as well. Whad`ya think of my new theme? Good or no? ;)

I have this huge violin test coming up in a few days & I haven't gotten much practice. I have to practice right now cuz I have violin lesson tomorrow and if I don't get better my violin teacher will get really pissed at me. So I`m gonna go now. Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace!


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Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Theme!! ^_^ ~Cheers`~

  I stayed home from school today. I`m not sick or anything but my mom won't take me to school if I`m late and I don't want to go to my dad for a ride because then he`ll punish me for over-sleeping. -___- Oh well, staying home gave me some time to make a new theme for my site! Ya like it? Well, it`s nothing like a spring theme but I feel the need to make my page black..... ~Laughs~ The background kinda looks like my recent wallpaper... but not the same. Still cool though. But I love my avatar more! [The one in the intro] It looks complicated to make but easy! I`m really happy with this theme... I might stick with it for awhile.

Also, I put on some Prince of Tennis songs! All instrumental though, it sounds great without the singing part. ~Laughs~ I guess I`m just in a good mood [Random o.O]. ^_^

I think I missed a Social Studies test today and I missed a Gymnastic test on Hockey when I was absent on Tuesday. ~Sighs~ I guess I`m not that free.. I bet I will fail the Social Studies test while getting in the 80`s on the Hockey test. Oh well, I`m still alive right? ~Laughs for sounding stupid~

Ehhh, I might make some wallpapers later if I get a chance. I have the perfect image of Gaara and I want to use it so yeahh.... Well, I hope I can comment and visit all of y`all's site if I got time! Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bored. -___- ~Yawns~

I stayed home today since my mom yelled at me. She unplugged my computer and punished me. Whateverrrrr! ~Laughs~ I got my computer back. I think she knows. I took the computer back to my room and plugged everything back. I think she should know that just taking my computer outside of my room won't do any good. No one can take away me computer! ~Guards the computer 24/7~ Hehe.... I`m really bored right now. It's sunny outside, I think I should go take a walk or something. My room is like summer [not that hot] but warm and I think I need some fresh air. ~Opens the window~ Ahhh, a nice cool breeze of wind just flew into my face. That felt good! Man, this weather REALLY wants to make me go outside. Maybe I can hang out with some neighborhood friends.... well they're still at school right now! & some probably have practice for sports after. -____-' ~Sighs~ Okay, so that was a no.

This morning, I was working on another Prince of Tennis, Ryoma Echizen wallpaper! I don't know if it's posted yet but Ryoma looks like a totaly Bishounen in it! ~5 Minutes Later~ I just checked my portfolio! Yeah, it took kinda long cuz I was looking and all of my wallpapers and how many downloads, favorite, and stuff like that. Well, my wallpaper didn't get posted up yet! -___- ~Trying not to lose temper~

I bet I have homework today but I don't know what I have except Social Studies and my stupid Science Fair Prokect. Here we go with the procrastination again!! I think I might have Language Arts and Spanish homework and I don't think I have Math. After all, my math teacher is grading the math assessment test along with every math teacher. I think I`ll do my Social Studies homework right now. You know? To save some time for later! ~Laughs~ I`ll worry about the Science Fair project when it is like 3 days before it is due.

I`m gonna go do my Social Studies homework now! Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


///////////////////////// EDiTED \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

The wallpaper got posted up!:

Click the thumbnail to view full size.

Arigatou ~ ! `

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Monday, March 26, 2007

New Wallpaper! ^_^

What's good Otaku friends? Since Spring already started, I decided that if it's sunny, I`ll try to get a tan... even though it's still sorta cold outside. -___-' Well, I`m really pale... not ALOT but compared to me before, I look really pale right now. I guess I started this post out really random ehhh? ~Laughs~ Remember tha essay I was talkin` about yesterday? Yeah about that.... I forgot to do it. Well, I didn't really forget, I just didn't feel like doing it at midnight so ehh I`m gonna do it today. I did Language Arts and Spanish in school so that means Social Studies left! I don't have Math homework cuz basically all the Math teacher was absent. They hadda grade the Math Assessment Test we took and that`ll probably take them a week. So ~Punches fists in the air~ NO MATH HOMEWORK!!! [Hopefully...].

I made a new wallpaper yesterday night (I did this instead of the essay). ~Puts hand behind head and laughs~ I guess I`m the kind of procrastinator who doesn't care if I get a few points off of my grades huh? Well, I`ll definitely get it done today! Well, hopefully I will &+ hopefully I will do my Social Studies homework too. Well, here's the Prince of Tennis wallpaper! It's one of my favorite anime and well, I like this wallpaper:

Click to view full size.

Hmmmmm, what else do I gotta say? o.O I guess I don't have anything else to say so I`m gonna go now! Oh wait! I forgot... I have Spring Break next week and I haven't hung out with my friends for like MONTHS! So I hope my parents would actually let me go over to my friends house just for fun. They usually only let me go if it has something to do with school or an activity.... or a party. -___- ~Sighs~ They never change. Always too over-protective and nosy. I hate it... And I think because of that, I`ve become too hot-tempered and easily annoyed by the smallest things. Ehhh, I REALLY think that I have Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder. It's not contagious! ~Laughs~

Well, I`m really gonna go now. Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace


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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Television ^_^

  All I can say right now is "WOW!" For those who didn't know, I haven't had television in my house for more than 3 years now. The only way I can watch television is if I`m over someone`s house [ by the way, which is like, never]. Two days ago [Friday], I got my television back! I mean, after all these years. Of course I was happy; I was screaming with happiness. &+ That happiness lasted for what? 2 days of non-stop hyperness. All I`ve been watchin` cartoons, anime, and other stuff. It`s like I get to face reality again, after all these years. I felt really happy.... and forgot about posting an update on MyOtaku.... and also forgot to write my essay. ~Puts hand behinds head..... chuckles... shamefully~ Hehe. XD Well, it's due Monday so I have one more day. It's pretty easy too! Hope I`m not that lazy and ~Sighs~ hope I won't procrastinate. -___- ~Laughs~ I probably will do it at the last minute.... Oh well, that`s just me and I`m still living up ma life, right? Chyea, I`m in a madd good mood. ^_~ After all, I`ve gotten the television back and I get to watch Naruto again... ~Eyes Getting Teary~ Naruto is the best!! I love it!! Ehh uhmmm, fangirl side acting up [No worries]. It`s just getting to see Naruto on the television beats the bad quality YouTube Channel [website].

I have an wallpaper I made back in January and I think I should post it up for you guys. It has nothing to do with anime and I made it for a test on the sparkles and starry brushes I had. It was an experiment and I didn't think it was great but it turned out pretty good. o_- I`m not gonna post it up on TheOtaku Wallpapers so here it is! Once in a lifetime offer! GET iT NOW!! Eh, sorry about thatttt.

Click to view full size. Wallpaper is 1024 x 768
If your screen is smaller, PM me for a smaller version of it.

My stomach has been growling for about half an hour. I don't think I`m hungry but it`s getting annoying. Totally random but hey, I needed to tell you guys that.... for no reason. It`s like 1:30 in the morning and I feel a little bit tired. I think I`ll go to sleep; after all, I`m going to Barnes & Nobles for mangas tomorrow!! ~Cheers~
Ja Ne! `1 ~ Peace .


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Thursday, March 22, 2007

New Anime.

Lately, I`ve been watchin anime I`ve never seen before. First I started Death Note, then Cardcaptor Sakura, and now Tsubasa Chronicles. I would read the manga but I`m too lazy to read so I`ll just go along with the anime. Death Note and Cardcaptor Sakura are sure addicting. I finished Cadcaptor Sakura in 3 days. That's 70 episodes for ya! &+ It wasn't even tiring. -___-' It is a really good anime! I love it. Then Death Note..... I never got a chance to finish it but I will! It's really interesting, with all the stuff happening in that anime. =] As for Tsubasa Crhonicles, I`ve only watched the first episode so I don't really have anything to say about it. ~Laughs~ I also read Fullmetal Alchemist. That is one of the best show ever! Though it's really not getting to any really good parts yet since I`m in the beginning. I`m looking forward to it though! All these anime to watch gave me no chance to do my homework. I only did it while watching anime. I guess that`ll have to do since anime is all I think about these days. I`ve really become an addict haven't I? ^_^

I guess short post today, eh? Well, I miss the bus to school today, so I`m gonna go get ready right now. (As you can see, I`m typing this in the morning.) Well, I gotta go! Ja Ne! `1


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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wallpaper, Starbucks, Other Stuff. -____-

The truth is, there isn't much to say about today. Even though I`m really happy there's no school, WHOAA! There's nothing to do! Well, except to go on the computer. My parents usually won't allow me to go over friend`s house unless I got some kind of schoolwork, birthday party, or holiday... They never let me go just to have fun. ~Sighs~ My parents think I have too much freedom. They won't even let me walk from school to Starbucks or somethingggg. I never asked them but they are so predictable. -___-` Well, my dad is going to take me to Starbucks later! I`m really happy because the last time I drank Starbucks was during my Winter Break &+ the time before that was like 2 years ago. I really need to get out moreeee . [=

Last night, I made a Starry Night Wallpaper featurin Sora from Kingdom Hearts on it!! It didn't go in the Most Recent Wallpapers yet.... but it did get accepted into theOtaku. Check it out!:

Click on the image to get full view.

Download it people! ~Laughs~ [Just Kidding XD] You can download it if you like it. ^_^ Well, that wallpaper took me all night cuz I was tryna think of how to make it look good. Well, the results look pretty good. Hope you guys like it~ ~Nods for no reason~ Yeah, I know, I know, I said I would make Naruto and Full Moon wallpapers. I just don't have any Full Moon pictures to make right now. I need to get moree. I know where to get it, just too lazy. Then for Naruto, I got loads and loads of pictures. I just don't know which one to use and what colors. I just don't have ideas for them right now. But don't worry, I`ll think up some stuff for `em. ~Nods Wildly~

I`m gonna think up of more ideas for wallpapers later. Right now, I need to watch Death Note. I`m addicted to it, I know I am. I freakin` love L!! [No fangirl intended!] Well, I`m gonna go now! Ja Ne! `1 Peace.


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