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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today was boring..... =/ Went to the mall and didn't get anything... basically ate the whole time. (=^_^=) & I was gonna go to a place to get lotion for my dry skin but I didn't find the kind of smell I like so that was a no go.. *GRAWHS at brother* My brother was annoying the hell outta me and I just kicked him.. Oh well... he kicked back. I was sorry for nothing..... I guess. o.O

Well, I'm not going to write about any characters from Fruits Basket today. *tears* I'm too lazy right now and I have an essay that I don't wanna write at all.... *sad face* & I wanna change my AIM Icon... too lazy also.. Hah... I'm gonna have madd homework tomorrow!

GRRR... wish I have that winter holiday break already! JEEEZ! Taking too long! I want a break from school and sit in my chair and go on the computer day & night! Grawh! I think I have one more week left and then I have the holiday break? Yahhh.. think so.. since the last day is 22nd. *counts the days* YUPP! FRiDAY!! LAST DAY AT SCHOOL BEFORE HOLiDAYS! :) Can't wait, can't wait! *getting all tense* Whoop whoop! (^_~) Oh yeah, there was suppose to be this Hoops for Hearts thing at my school where the students go against the teachers... HOPEFULLY students win because they didn't win for the pass 2 years! GRAWH! & It's my last year at middle school so hope we win! (=^_^=)

....Was suppose to be in a happy mood right now..... got into an argument with my friend.. oh well.. =/

Me & the 9.tailed:Neko are singing on the phone right now. I absolutely love her WELCOME! Sign on her page! I say, "WELCOME!!!", she says, "TO MY SiTE!!", then I say, "Yeah yeah YEAHHH!" and lastly, she says, "Chyeaa baby!!" Lol. Well that's all that's happening today.. Gonna go eat some french fries! Later~ *claps hands going YAYY! FRiES!!* ~Furry-Chibi

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