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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Funny Day --» New Wallpaper! ^_^
First off, I have to tell you guys about today! The 6th and 7th graders had a Math Assessment test so the 8th graders (including me) went to the gymnasium for an assembly. We had one yesterday but we only watched the stupidest movie, so that was no fun. Today, they had college students from Stony Brook come to put on a presentation they made up with ideas from true stories. It was based on drugs, alcohol, and people using them. These people played as different characters in different scenes. Some scenes were hilarious while others were just WOW. We had alotta fun and we laughed at a lot of the scenes for their funny-nest. Ah, trust me, if any of you guys were over watching these college students, you would laugh you @$$ off! They were funny as hell. =]

Well, I made a new wallpaper yesterday around midnight, so I couldn't tell you guys. I`m gonna tell you now that it's Full Moon wo Sagashite! I think this wallpaper is "alright."

Click on the image to get the full size view.

I hope you guys like the wallpaper. I`m gonna make more soon! [Who knows when?!] I might start to make Naruto again. Hehe. ~Laughs Just a Little~

Oi! I don't got homework today!! ~Cheers!~ I finished my Language Arts homework in school but I didn't know that until I read the homework board. ~Puts hand behind head and laughs shamefully~ Well, the teacher doesn't mind as long as we pay attention in class. (I don't pay attention sometimes. Hehe.) =]~ Well, as long as I did it, I`m happy. I have a Math Assessment Test tomorrow. I want to get at least a high 3 or in the 4. (I think 4 is the highest). o.O Well, all I need is a calculator, which I gotta find. But I`m too lazy to fine anything right now. -___-` ~Laughs for no reason~ ^_~ If I pass this test with high score, I might not have to do the final exams for math! How cool is that?! Haha, I hope I get in the high score. (probably not going to).

I`m going to go watch some anime and cartoons so, ja ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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