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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Otaku's Are Connected Again!
Yayyy! But I don't know whether or not I will update on this site... since everyone is using theOtaku now.. and no one checks on MyOtaku. Well, I have a world there too, so check it out by clicking Portfolio on the top of my page!... That is, if anyone is reading this. Haha, Ja neeee!


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Friday, March 7, 2008

New Wallpaper for a New Version!
So I made this awesome layout of Eyeshield 21, one of my favorite anime... & so you should check it out... & you should give hugs and favorite it if you like it. ^_^ Thankss! Chyeaaaaa to Version Vibrant! =D


Click image to enlarge!

Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Version Vibrant!
So I just saw it, and it was awesome!! Oh yeah, and sorry for not updating for so long! T_T I think Version Vibrant is better than any theme on everything. It is totally the best of the best! =D I haven't tried out everything but I think I'll make a new wallpaper soon! ^_^

Otakuite -» Senior Otaku & New Theme
So I should update more. I mean, otherwise I'll never ever be a Senior Otaku and definitely not an Otaku Legend and I would like to be one sometime before I become an old lady. ~Laugh my buttt off~ n_n

I think I should make a new theme soon. I will add all different things and maybe a new style. But will it be a black background again or actually white?? Hmm.. ?_? Questions questionsss..... I'll decide when I find some anime pictures I want to make the layout with. I can't `til I finish!... If I ever actually wanted to do work. ~Haha~

Well, this is all for now. I'll try commenting lots of you back right now. iight Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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Thursday, January 17, 2008

So, this week, my midterm reviews have been coming up and.. ehh well, I already took some of them. They're all pretty easy, I guess. Blehhhh! c)=< The worse thing about midterm week is that there are too many worksheets, especially for my Spanish Class. Andddd guess what???? My favorite thing about midterms week (next week), is that it only takes 1.5-4 hours of your day depending on what you're taking and which day you're taking it. ^_^ I just want next week to come so I can get the tests over with and then BAMMMMM! I get to get ready and pack... and also practice lots of music for the Long Island String Festival!!! =D

I'm Packing? To Go Where?
Well, at the end of that paragraph up thurr ^^ I had said I was packing. Well... I'm going to China for Chinese New Years!!! Hip Hip Hoorayy! (=^_^=) And I'm staying there for three weeks; basically the whole February. Don't know why but being on the airplane is pretty fun. Haha! Well, time for me to catch some zzzz's and wake up dark and early tomorrow! See ya! Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy late Holidays & Merry late Christmas!
Yeah, so lately I haven't been in the mood to update. But, if I keep on doing this. I know that I'll end up being an Otakuite forever.. so hopefully, I can at least be a Senior Otaku. ~Laughs~ Well, hope you had a very merry Christmas, and for those who don't celebrate it, Happy Holidays!

Otaku Layout
So I think I need a new layout? Moreover, I need to learn javascript and heavy coding.... cuz ehh, I need to learn that.. haha. ^_^ But anyhow, I was thinking for the layout, I should make it Eyeshield 21? It's about football, comedy, and it's shounen! Which, I like. I mean, I don't think most people would be into anime like that but, sports anime has really gotten me obsessed! ~LAUGHS~ It is really cool! I mean, first it was Prince of Tennis, now Eyeshield 21, and I don't know what other sports anime is out there but I'll watch it if it's good! Hopefully, you guys can actually watch the first episode of it? And if you do, I hope you like it. Eyeshield 21 deserves more than.... uhh I forgot what that saying was. Haha! Well, hopefully, I'll update more often & hopefully, a new layout, with better stuff.. uh yeahh that... mann, I'm slow. =D

I'm gonna be going now. ^_^ See ya guys~! Ja Ne `! ~ Peace!


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Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Birthdayyyyy!!!! =D
Yes, finally, I'm 14!! I'm sorta kinda in a happy mood... well I just woke up cuz Baka Neko (xX9.tailed:NekoXx) woke me up by calling me. Hahaaaa! Well, I hope everyone had a feasful Thanksgiving! I know I did. & Today, I can't wait for Sushi Park. =^_^= I haven't gone to that place in almost a year.

Well, for today, I'll make a part to reply back to the people who commented me!:

Ordinary Girl: Haha, persian food? That sounds.. exotic.. ~Laughs~ But I guess you had a good birthday anyhow right? Maybe next year you can try out asian fooood. Yeah, that would be better... and somehow sounds better than persian food. ^_^ I'm looking forward to the rest of my Otaku life listening to you calling me an old fart. Laugh out loudd! Oh and, PROCRASTINATORS=LOVEE&LIFE.

icebox270534: Yeah, thank you! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgivings! Updating IS kinda hard sometimes. =D

demon dragon: Omg! We should totally battle sometime! But I'm still training my Pokemon, so they might not be ready.. Haha! I'm done with all the gyms though. Just trying to get most of them over 60... which will take a LONGG TIME considering the only one over level 60 is my Empereon. -____- I got lots of training to do. But yeah we should totally battle or trade soon!

Well, I'm gonna leave now! Hope you guys have a wonderful day! iight, Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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Thursday, November 22, 2007

I haven't updated for so long!
Oh my jeezus! It's being what? A month? Maybe more? Since I've updated. I'm sorry! Don't worry though! I am definitely NOT dead. 0=) So life has been going well for me. Since school has started, I've been busy with going out to the library a lot. & updating on MyOtaku seems like homework to me. Ehhh! You're wondering how I could think that right?! Well, I can't even believe it myself. But right now procrastination is my favorite thing to do. Just chill out and do nothing. Yooo, that describes 3/4 of me right there!! Well, procrastination includes watching anime, listening to music, and the internet, and of course my Nintendo DS obsession (Pokemon Diamond Version). Haha. ^_^

OoOOOOoooooOoOooO! Did I mention? My birthday is ths weekend! (Sunday) I might celebrate by going to Sushi Park, this really, really good sushi place. Haha, name of restaurant gives it away. Well anyways I'm excited for it! Then again, I'm kinda mad, since my mom won't get me a Sidekick. I wanted either the LX or Sidekick 3. Either was fine for me. Ehhh XD I gotta wait another year for a cellular device apparently... I mean I got one but it really isn't actually 100% mine.. cuz I sort of share it with my mom. But, the thing is this phone is old, crappy, and whatnot. & it can't stay alive for a day.. It needs to be charged constantly...

I think I need to change my layout.. But I am too lazy to make any graphics that code it... Ehh too much work for me. -____- ~Hugee Sigh~

Well, I hope you guys all have a great, fun, chow-down tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving's Day! iightt, I'm outt! Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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Friday, October 12, 2007

>0<' I'm still not dead!
I currently at the library right now, oh yeah! As you can see, it's been awhile since I logged on to MyOtaku. I apologize if you feel like I have been ignoring everyone. But you know, since school has started, I have homework and whatnot. Pshhh like I ever take my time to do homework! I'm a procrastinator and we all know that! Haha. Well, I have been watching Toonami Jetstream, Cartoon Network Videos, and Dragonball Z. I watch them everyday. It's quite entertaining.

Marching Band
Well, you guys know that I joined marching band right? Ehh, well I did, in case you didn't know. ~Laughs~ I had competitions and performances for all of my weekends in September and now October. Like, literally, I have no free time on weekends. It kinda rocks though, cuz I love being in marching band. It's fun because we have lots of priceless moments and stuff. But the thing is, our band is the most perverted band ever. It's funny though. Also the end of the month, we get to go to Syracuse and spend a weekend with our band living in a hotel.... or a motel but I hope it's a hotel. Ehehe... Well, I live on Long Island, New York, so it takes more then 6 hours to get there, especially because of the traffic. But I still can't wait! Two more weeks of torture and then we get to go! But we have championships coming up this upcoming weekend. (Wow, that was worded weirdly o.O) Well, I can't wait for all these competitions. I feel like if I haven't joined Marching Band, I would've been left out of what I wanted to do. Music is like a necessity to me. Haha, I feel like expaining so much stuff. But I know that it's getting boring isn't it? ^_^ Well, I'll stop for now. I'll tryy to comment you guys, cuz you know, Otaku friends keep in touch. (=^_^=) I'm outtt! iight, Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OoO (The Chouji Face ^_^) I'm Not Dead! -____- ~Phew!~
~Laughs~ I'm not sure about the title... soo I probably haven't updated since I told you guys about band camp?? Well, it was just great living with your band, it's like you're just a family (We were all on one floor in a university). The only thing that sucked was that it rained the 3-4 days we were there! So we had to wear ponchos. =^_^= I thought it was pretty comfortable. Haha. Also, we practiced like 11 hours a day at band camp. But we also had fun. But that was wayyy back around August 20th.

So, now; since it's not August anymore, and September started, I'm guessing everyone went to school/college right? I just started my freshmen year in high school and already, the upperclassmen are hatin` on us. Haha. Apparently, people in my grade are showoffs (it's true). But not everyone's like that. They just need to get over themselves and when they make fun of freshmen, they think they all mature and stuff but they just sunk 5 levels below us, thinking they are all the shit and whatnot. It pisses me off and yet is funny because they actually think we're scared of them. Haha. Oh yeah, if any of you guys are in high school and above 9th grade, this isn't to you. It's just the majority of people in my school are idiots. Ehehe... Well, I have like some very good upperclassmen friends so it's not like everyone hates us. Besides from that, I already got homework... but it's pretty easy. But I just KNOW that I'm gonna become a procrastinator later on in the year and not do homework, then end up failing some kind of project or exam. ~Laughs~ Well, I'm done expressing my feelings. Haha.

Is any of you guys entering the wallpaper contest? I know that I might be. But I definitely know that I won't win. Haha. If I do, it will be the shock of my life cuz I seriously, never win any contests whatsoever. Haha. iight Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Wallpaper!
Yes yes yes!! I don't know why; I woke up and came on Otaku feeling kinda inspired to make an wallpaper ...... so I made one! It's of Itachi & Sasuke. I hope you guys like it!:

Marching Band
Our director told the pit (percussion) that some of us are getting new equipment & new percussion.! Aha, I just got excited so I'm tellin` all you guys. I'm also going to band camp next week! It's gonna be fun.. except.. o.O ... staying out in the sun for the whole afternoon for practice. I'm sure I'll make the best of it. Ehehee XD

By the way, if any of you guys want the music of Phantom of the Opera that we're playing, private message me and I'll give it to you. ^_^ Alright that's all for now! Ja Ne!` ~ Peace!


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