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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

   Hikaru no Go//Yet AGAIN!

Okay, since I'm so addicted to Hikaru no Go right now, I decided I want you guys to see a picture of the main characters:

The two bottom guys are Touya Akira (Green-Haired) & Shindo Hikaru (Brown-Haired with Blonde-bangs). You will only see them in the beginning.... Around after episode 15, you'll start seeing the top people, Yoshitaka Waya (Browned-Haired) and Isumi (Blue-Haired). My favorites are Hikaru (I always like the main character) and Waya.. I somewhat have the same character traits as them. Always smiling and outgoing....

Anyways, gotta go watch more Hikaru no Go... even though I read the whole series! Hahaa.. and 9.Tailed:Neko, I'm sorry I didn't call you! My mom doesn't want me talking on the phone!

Oh yeah, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on sites. Been addicted to Hikaru no Go.. ^_^


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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

   Hikaru no Go

I woke up today thinking, "OMG! New episodes on Toonami Jetstream!" So I went to watch it on my brother's computer since my computer prevents me from watching (dunno why o.O). So after that, he wanted to go on and I didn't get the chance to finish Prince of Tennis.... *Cries* So I decided to go on my computer and look up Hikaru no Go soundtracks.... and I, somehow, started watching Hikaru no Go episodes on YouTube. >_< I realized they were all in Japanese so it's a good thing they had subtitles! ~ Laughs ~ Then I never stopped. I kept watching the whole morning, afternoon, and evening... I'm still watching right now... Just decided to check on MyOtaku. ^_^ Grrrrr.... Hikaru no Go is sooo addicting.. it's a great show and I recommend all of you to check it out!~ It makes you feel like you wanna be in it and wanna be one of them... it also makes you feel like you wish you were them. Even though they go through so hard times, there lives are amazing ! ~Grins~ They're all always on there own.... it's like there parents don't mind them doing whatever they please. Don't you wish your parents were like that?! I do. Ahahahaa... Well I'm going back to watch.... then after my brother gets off of his computer, I'm going on again to finish Prince Of Tennis... and watch other shows I didn't watch today. I'll check back later~

~Furry-Chibi (=^_^=)

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Monday, December 25, 2006



Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you get what you want and hope all of your wishes came true. Hope you have a great Christmas ! ~ Gives You A Monster Hug ~ ^_^ Best wishes to all of y`all! <3

~Furry-Chibi (=~_~=)

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Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yoooooo! Today, I had a Christmas Eve celebration with my family.... yeah I ate alot! ^_^ Well besides that, I went to Queens.....o.O Well You won't know where that is unless you live in New York. Ahhaa... ;] Yeahh.... and for my free time, I made buttons for my site.. I keep messing up though! ~She Rawrs~ Well, I hope the buttons will turn out good. Then you'll be able to put it on your page if you want. =D ~ Laughs for No Reason ~ Well, hope you guys have a great Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas! ~ Smiles ~ ~

OH YEAH! I made my first button!:

POOP ~ Furry-Chibi(C)
<a target="_blank" src="http://www.myotaku.com/users/furry-chibi"><img src="http://img139.imageshack.us/img139/879/sorafcod3.jpg" border="0" alt="POOP ~ Furry-Chibi(C)"></a>

Hope you can put it on your page to support me! ^_^


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Saturday, December 23, 2006

   Naruto Smileys!!

Omgsh! I found Naruto smileys! =D I'm so happy!! Here, take a look!:

~Aww~ I love them. Ahaha.. I just gotta show them to youuuuu ~ Well I'll update more later. Sorry for the delay about the Christmas Card! I already sent some outttt... I'll send the rest laterrrr ~ Yayy! ~ My official Holiday Break begins today ! I'm really happy and in a good mood right noww ! ^_^ Well, I'm suppose to go to the mall right now~w! But my mom is still getting ready.. but she said that half an hour ago? o.O Well, gotta go now! I'll update more later.. Currently: 4:05 PM, Eastern Time... Errr yeah~!

15 Minutes Later.....

I still haven't gone... My mom said that we're not going... =/ Oh well... Ahhaah I only go there to eat.. either that or Hot Topic ~She Laughs~ I'm starting to send the Christmas Cards out right now ~ Expect one new message ~!


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Friday, December 22, 2006


Cheers to the iced out holiday!

TODAYYYYYY........ the students lost in the Hoops for Hearts. If you don't know what that is, it's a program we have at school and it's Teachers vs. Students.... Students haven't won for the pass 2 years and they lost AGAiN! [GRAWH] Well, I got madd loads of candy today! ~ Laughs ~

Yayy! Like the new theme? Iced out page is how I would say it! I haven't been able to stop saying icy or iced out. Ahahaa.... *She Laughs*

Well, thats all for noww.. I might update some more laterr! & I'm sending out the Christmas card I made.... today! ~ Yayy ~ Well, its not that great but I had to send out SOMETHiNG!


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Thursday, December 21, 2006


Cheers to the icy holiday!

I'm kinda in a bad mood today.... but now I'm feelin` fine. Nothing happened between me and that girl in the 2 previous posts. =] Well, I made these icons and you can use them if you want. Just don't claim them as your own....

TO USE: Right-Click & Save and upload a code from Photobucket, Imageshack, or TinyPic.

Make sure you know what you're doing and hop you're familiar with HTML

Oh yeah, I'm currently making you guys the Christmas card! Well, I hope you guys will like it! I will PM you with it at least before Christmas Eve or ON Christmas Eve. *Screams YAYY* (Sorry for the delay!)

AHHHH ONE MORE DAY!! Then...... HOliDAY BREAK! =^_^=

Well, gotta go right now... I'll update more laterrrr.<3


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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Okay, so remember yesterday how I was talking about that girl? (Look at the other post for more info) Yeahh, she went up to me today and she said, "Why did you do that yesterday?" I was like, "It was a joke." Then she was like, "Well, it wasn't funny." Then I said, "Well, I didn't think you would acts so serious. & You didn't have to write all over my shirt!" & She said, "Well you deserved it." (Whatta bitch.) I didn't deserve anything. JEEZ! I only took her candy cane as a joke. =D And then I was like, "Well, its not like you never took your friend's stuff." And then the bell rang so everyone was leaving. As I was leavingm she was saying, "You think you're cute but you're not. No one likes you and you have no friends." Tell me how fucking wrong that is?! Yeahhh, she's a spoiled, wanna-be low on life bitch who needs to adjust her attitude and stop bragging. (Woo, I just made that up. ^.^)

Besides the annoyance and bragging I've recieved from her, nothing really happened today. She just stared at me all through Social Studies and Language Arts. Its like "Hello? Do you own work!" Hahaha... I hope I did the right thing... And I hope she regrets everything she's done. Yeahh I know, I shouldn't had touch her candy cane but she always does that kind of thing to me before..... yahh. I just like to say "Treat others how you want to be treated." And if people treat me how they don't want to be treated, I will treat them the same way they treat me. ^.^

GRAWH, I've been so lazy! I have to make you guys a christmas card! I'll try to do it tomorrow.... But for today, that's all!


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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

   Ahahaa Priceless Day!


Contains: Curses.

Gee, today I was late to school. 9.tailed.Neko yelled at me. Oh well, I deserved it! I'm late like almost everyday (not really) but sometimes. One less day of school and one day close to the break! Oh yehh, I had a Math test today... probably got into the 70's or 80's. I never get anything higher/ =/ Oh well, my tutor is gone and went to college so I've been doing bad but she taught me some good stuff and some units were easy! But they're all over and we're starting something completely new and I'm just not good at it. I get it but sometimes something distracts me and I can't think. Haha..

TODAY! For the first time, my school served cheese fries! Of course I got it since I'm a food maniac! It's funny & weird at the same time cuz I eat so much so you expect me to be fat but I'm actually 89 lbs and in 8th grade! I'm really light. Ahahaa.... o.O

Oh yeh, gotta talk about why today was soo priceless! Okay the WHOLE day, it was boring but when the last period of school came.... There was this girl... I was never friends with her but I pretended to be because I'm not that kind of person who would be like "I'm not friends with you so don't talk to me." I'm too much like a pushover yet really annoying sometimes! But yeahh, I was walking pass her desk and I took her candy cane but it was a joke... I wasn't going to eat it or anything. I was going to put it back after I took it for awhile.... She grabs my hand and takes the candy cane away and she was like, "Don't touch my stuff ever again!! & Just to make sure...." Then she writes on one of my favorite shirt that I was writing but I pulled away. & There was a dot of ink on my shirt and I was just about to move away more because she tried to use her pen to put a big scratch across my shirt! & So I took my pen and I did the same thing but only on her sleeve because she was like "Don't you dare!" But I didn't care.... So then she started screaming and saying shit and saying that I started everything and now I'm trying to start more... I was like, I wasn't starting anything! & The teacher was yelling so I sat down. I wasn't a trouble maker but she used me soo much that I had enough and I had to do something. She did so many horrible things and she took my stuff before but I never flip out on her before. But I had enough.. she's a wanna-be spoiled bitch that is low on life. There was this one time when I went to the bathroom and she was there too. I was about to go into one of the stalls and she pulls me out saying that she was going to go into one. I was like no you weren't.... you were just checking all of them. And she keeps pulling on my shirt saying "Oh well! I'm still gonna go into that one!" The shirt that I was wearing was big on me so I could easily take it off but I didn't because who knows what she would do to it! And then I was holding onto a medal thing and she was pulling so hard and the medal thing gave me a big scratch down my hand. =/ & It was all red for the rest of the day. I didn't tell the teacher because I'm not that tattletale person who tells the teacher everytime I have a problem. But when she was pulling on me I screamed into her face "You're a bitch!" & She was like "Catherine! I never thought you were that kind of a person who would curse!" She didn't tell the teacher though but I quickly snatched my arm away from her dirty hands and close the bathroom stall door. And she walks out of the bathroom.. She didn't even go in it and I mean, that was all for nothing! She gets me so pissed and for what happened today, she thinks that she did nothing wrong. She gets so worked up over a candy cane.... I mean I wasn't going to actually take it.... I was just kidding and I was going to give it back but I never thought that she would be a bitch and draw on people's shirt. Well anyways, I didn't get in trouble. I just hope that she knows that I can't get written up because of this, if she tells a teacher or the principal.. I mean I shouldn't have touched her stuff but it's just that in the pass she always touch other people's stuff and when they tell her to give it back, she is such a bully and says, "No, make me." I'm one of the pushovers and I don't flip out on people but I totally had enough of her.. #1 Rule of ALL! Treat others how you want to be treated! Obviously, she doesn't realize that. ;]] Oh well, I'm not over it.. I just hope that she is wrong because she is probably thinking that she is 100% right! >:O Oh yeah, she used me for the last time. I'm such a pushover.... I have to get tough now.. =D Okay, that was all about the priceless incident. Sorry for making you read a long paragraph! But do you think I did the right thing? Cuz I'm not apologizing to her!

Well, that was my day! & Just before I was talking to my friends on the phone and we were all hyper and on crack. Besides that, nothing else happened... WHATTA DAY?!

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Monday, December 18, 2006


SOOOOOO.... today was boring.... I thought that I had madd loads of homework but I guess I didn't. Haha. Only Language Arts & Social Studies and the others are to read. WHOA! Can you say easy?! Except that the Social Studies is Double Homework and we're suppose to create our own review sheets. Yeck *mean face* Well I gotta get it over with. It counts as a double homework.. o.O

WOO! Still can't wait `til the break. Unlike some of you guys.. I only have December 23 - January 2 for the break. NOT EVEN TWO WEEKS! & It goes by sooo quickly... =/

Before Christmas Eve, I'll PM all of youuuu a christmas card I'm making ... I might make a different one for each person... I don't know yet. We'll fine out. =)

I'm suppose to be watching ToonamiJetstream and Cartoon Network Videos online right now! BUTTT my stupid computer has a damn virus and I don't know if the virus is effecting the websites I go on but I can't watch anything... ='( I'm gonna make my brother and I switch computers after he watches Megas XLR. Then I'll watch ALL the shows on Toonami Jetstream except Samurai Jack (HATE that show) & ALL the shows on Cartoon Network Videos... =D If you are interested in watching them, click these links: Toonami Jetstream & Cartoon Network Videos.

Anyways, madd thirsty, so gonna go get a drink of water.. & I'm suppose to call 9.tailed.Neko soon..... SOO laterrrrr~! =D


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