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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Math Assessment-»No Homework!! (=^_^=) Chyeaa ~
  Today, it was a boring day. It payed off though! The Math Assessment Test was really easy! The 2th part was hard at first because I couldn't really understand two of the questions but it turned out really easy! Though there was one question I know for sure I got wronggg. -__-' ~Sighs~ I can never get a full score on anything...... I bet I got more wrong. I`m going to have Part 3 of the test tomorrow.~The good thing about having Assessment Tests is that I don't have any homework! ! ^_^ ~Cheers~ I bet I don't have any homework tomorrow either! Haha, yayy! Now I have an excuse to go on the computer longerr.

My dad was acting like an @SSH0lE yesterday and threatened me saying that he's going to take away my computer today. But, it looks like he didn't cuz I`m on it right now! Hopefully, he won't take it away at all.

I am currently looking at my brownie and thinking if I should save it or not. I`m also on myspace. I`m also listening to some music. My Anime Playlist to be exact. ^_~

I`m going to a school play at the high school today. I don't know what it's about but I haven't really gone out lately so I`m gonna go. I`m probably not gonna be understanding anything about it. ~Blank Chibi Stare~ I think it cost $ to go see it too! -___-' Well, I think I`ll try to save my brownie until thenn.

I`m going to try to make wallpaper(s) later. I`m gonna go now since, I might be boring you guys with all these writings and stuff`! =^_^=

Ja Ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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