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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Violin, Orthodontist &+ Death Note! ^_~
Well, I had my first violin lesson in a long time. All the music festival kept me busy so I couldn't go. But, ~Sighs~ I finally went today! It was boring but it's fun at the same time. After that, I went home and ate mashed potatoes. (Random o.O)

After eating the delicious mashed potatoes, I went to the orthodontist. Man, have I ever felt so relieved?! The wire in the back of my mouth came out and my tongue never felt so much happier!! Ehhhh, I`m weird! Well, now the orthodontist tightened the braces so I gotta deal with not biting hard food/candy. Well, I gotta do what I gotta do!

I started watching Death Note yesterday. I`ve always wanted to watch it. Never found time to actually start a new anime. Well, I watched episode 1 to 6 yesterday. I was happy I got to watch it. Death Note is freakin` addicting! But, I still don't think it's as addicting as Hikaru no Go. HnG is written by the same author who wrote Death Note, for the ones who are confused. ^_^ Well, Death Note is still good and it`s been the only thing that's been going through my head since yesterday night.

I wanna watch DNAngel or Tsubasa Chronicles after Death Note. I just know that they're gonna be awesome as well! I wanna watch other anime too! GRR! I wanna watch so much anime and I got little time. -___-' ~Huge Sigh~ Well, I`m going to start watchin` episode ten of Death Note after this post. To end this boring post, here are....

Questions For You ^_^:

[1] Any anime you really want to see right now?
[2] Have you ever watched Death Note?
[3] Do you have braces?
[4] Ever had ramen? Or instant noodle?
[5] How would you react if a Shinigami[God of Death] was real?

Hehe, that's all fer today! Ja Ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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