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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Ahhh today, I had violin lessons... I forced myself to wake up and take an hour lesson. ~Yawns~ Still kinda tired. I think I ate too much stuff at the sushi place yesterday.... I think I'm getting sick of it. Ahahaa.. yes, Ordinary Girl! I brought you back some sushi! ~Laughs~

Oh yeah about that FreeWebs website. I've already started working on it. But I won't let anyone see it yet! ~Being Secretive~ I'll let y`all see it when I'm done. Which is who knows when. I have alot of work to do. But I don't think it will get in my way. I don't mind making a site. I'll even make cursors, and blogs for you guys. Ahaha.

I'm suppose to go buy a present for my cousin since his birthday is on tuesday but we're celebrating it tomorrow. I don't know what to get him. Probably something from Naruto. ;]]

Anyways, have a good day!
Peace, Love, and Stuff~!


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Friday, January 5, 2007


Yayy! Friday's here! WOOO! ^_^ Today, I was late to school.... -_- Kinda sleepy still. Nothing really happened today. Boring day and I hate too much. ~Burp~ Ahaha.. Well since there really isn't anything to talk about, answer some questions?:

1] Favorite Anime.
2] Do you like Naruto and/or Fruits Basket?
3] Would you prefer Dragonball Z or Bleach?
4] Should I make a FreeWebs for a tutorials/help/codes site for you people? ^_^
5] Do you like sushi?

Ahhh yeah thats the questions. Five is kinda random but I'm going out to eat sushi today so it just popped up in my head. Anyways, I'm sorry if I haven't commented you in awhile. I've been lazy and tired.

Peace, Love, And Stuff~!


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Thursday, January 4, 2007


So, I re-did my profile. It's still the same old layout but I felt as if I was missing something... Rules! Yeah, I must have some rules for my site... otherwise who knows what will happen if anyone does something wrong. o.O

Anyways, new song! I love it. I've had enough of the calm songs... it's time to rock n` roll! ~ Laughs ~ It's from one of my favorite anime, Prince of Tennis. Yeah, I can't play tennis for my life but I love to watch the show cuz they make it dramatically cool. ~ Weird Face ~ Well, I hate drama but without drama, this world would be boring right? Maybe? I don't know. ^_^

I've decided that since I've made you guys answer the questions from my previous post, I'll answer them myself!:

1] I'm in the eighth!
2] I think I would rather live on my own but with family, I don't feel lonely. ^_^
3] I would be like, "OH EM GEE! Ahaha you're actually real! Are you actually ____?" Or something retarded like that.

4] I usually would never hate anyone unless they are one of those "snobby, think they're popular, sluts, skeets, bragging girls." I would usually never hate any guys either. Unless they get REALLY on my nerves. But if you have the same personality on MyO and in real life, no way I would hate you. ^_~

Okay, I'm gonna do all of my homework now. Hope you guys enjoy the music I absolutely adore love!

Peace, Love, and Stuff`<3


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Wednesday, January 3, 2007


Hmmm. first day of school in the `07`sz! (^_^) I've got to admit it... I don't like school but it's good to see your friends after 11 days of break. ~ Smiles Honestly ~

Grawh! ~ Gets all serious ~ On the first day, I got Spanish, Social Studies, Math, & Science homework. ~ Gives an angry face ~ Ahh well it's school so you can't expect a day without homework.. except in elementary school ~ Laughs ~ Wish I was back in 4th grade. Ahaha, well I'm baking something but dunno what it's called. ~ Laughs ~

I also have some random questions fer you to answer if you wish:

1` What grade are you in?
2` Would you rather live on your own? Or with family?
3` What would you do if we actually met face to face? ;]
4` If we actually met, do you think we will like each other? Would we not like each other's personality?

Yeah, pretty concerning questions. But I'm bored and I wanna read what you guys think. ^_^ Well I gotta go do my homework right now.

Peace, love, and stuff.


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Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Why, hello`sz`! ;O

Happy belated New Years! A great new start to my year is watching Toonami Jetstream. Ahhh gotta love that website. ^_^ I think I drank too much Red Bull last night. This morning, I drank not even half of it and I felt sick. -_- Last night, my family plus my aunt and uncle played cards `til 1:15 in the morning my legs were so sore from sitting down for so long. ~ Huge Sigh ~ Well, I'm enjoying myself to coke as I'm typing. I have school tomorrow!!! >:O ~ Gets Angry ~ The winter break came by so quickly but I can't wait `til February! I have another week off in the last week. ;]] Chyeaaa~! I probably didn't even do my homework yet.... !_! ~Checks Agenda Book~ OMG! I didn't~! Whoops. =^_^= I guess I better be doing it.

Have a great day. Peace and love and stuff.


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Monday, January 1, 2007


Happy New Years!

Good bye to the good `ol 2006 and hello~oooo 2007! So you guys like my new theme? NARUTO! My favorite anime is the whole entire universe! Yes! Naruto is my favorite character among all the anime! Lol. I hope you guys have a great New Years! I'm going to have a dinner party! (Yesterday's post on that was a mistake.. sorry!) And then we're gonna play cards.. and I'm getting drunk off of Red Bull. Mmhmmmmm... ~Licking tongue and laughing wildly~ Ehhh errr uhmm.. getting kinda too drunk... much? o.O Anyways, if you want me to make you anything like a button or if you need any codes just PM me.



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Sunday, December 31, 2006


Yupp! It's New Years Eve! I can't wait `til the dinner party I'm having ~Laughs~ I vow not to drink alcohol under any circumstances and only get drunk off of Red Bull.... WHY?! It gives you wings! ^-^ ~Mwahahaha and starts flying~ Oh yeshh I'm definitely HiGH! Get it? Flying high? ...... o.O Nevermind. Lol. ;]]

Everything will be soo different ezpecially in school! I'll probably still put 2006 instead of 2007 for my date on classwork and homework for the first few WEEKS`! Grrraawwhhhh! Well, I'll get over it. C(:

I'm going to work on a layout right now! Except does anyone know a code to put the post in the layout? Cuz I don't know how to put the post into the layout cuz I'm using a DIV layout... errr confusing right? And I don't wanna use HaloScan.... but if I have too... err uhm well I guess I have to if that is the only choice I have!

I made a Quizilla today! Chibi.Person is my name on it! I love my page... I'm gonna put a layout like that up on MyO but yeahh about the posts.... that's my only problem. =/ And for the fanlisting buttons? I already started collecting them! They are up on my Quizilla and I'm gonna move them over here once I get my DIV layout set up!

That's all I'm updating for today! This is the longest post I've posted fer awhile now. ^_~

If I got anything else to say, I'll post more up later.

Happy New Years Eve!


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Saturday, December 30, 2006


I finished watching all the episodes on Hikaru no Go in YouTube but they don't have the rest of the episodes!! I swear I'm gonna kill that website!!! I watched all I can for MÄR too! ~Takes a Sword and prepare for battle!~ I'm gonna start watching MÄR again.... They better put it up soon! This idiot site which people only put up raw episodes.. which has no subtitles! Grrrawwhhh!!!

AHHHHHH! ~Screams and waits a few minutes~ ~Calms down~ I'm gonna gather some icons and wallpapers..... I guess.. nothing else better for me to do. Lol. BUTTT I changed the site song!! I love it... though it's long! But it's worth listening too!

Oh yeah, you guys heard of those fanlisting sites right? Do you think I should put some buttons up for the anime that I support? ^_^ I don't if I should but I really wanna!

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Friday, December 29, 2006


Grrrr! I'm going to murder someone!!! ~ Takes a knife ~ The episodes 52-70 for MAR aren't on YouTube.... or at least I couldn't find it. It's suppose to be not fansubbed yet. Hopefully, it will be soon.... cuz I can't wait. >:O I just watched episode 64 to 75 of Hikaru no Go today! And the part that was soooo sad that I disliked was painful to watch. But I got through it because I hate skipping episodes of any kind~ ^_^

Nowwwww, I'm reallyreallyreally tired! New Years is coming. I'm not gonna get drunk... I hate alcohol or anything kind of drugs and I wouldn't even take a tiny sip! But I WiLL get drunk off of Red Bull. ~ It gives you wings. ~ Ahahaha.... ~ Laughing fades away ~ Not that funny anyways... I guess I'm kinda on crack (candy).. ;]]

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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Yayy! I added a picture of Yoshitaka Waya to my page~ ~ Laughs ~ He's officially my favorite character in Hikaru no Go but you don't really see him towards the end that much. ~ Cries ~ Now since I'm watching Hikaru no Go to the part where I dislike, I'll stop fer awhile and watch Marchen Awakens Romance (MAR pronouced: MARE). It's a great action/adventure anime~ One of my favorites as well.

Well I changed the background to a simple side pattern since I didn't like the last one.... ~Thinking of a good background~ I can't think of anything good. I'll think later. ~ Sighs ~ Right now, I'm gonna go watch MAR and maybe I'll watch Hikaru no Go and get over the part I dislike.


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