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Monday, March 12, 2007

I`m feelin` like a total loser right now! Yesterday at the concert, I walk into the school where I was going to perform. I thought I was early. I went to the orchestra room. I see everyone's stuff and all the music on the stands were gone. I was like, "SHITTTT!" literally! I was about to kill myself and I realize I got my time screwed up! Wow, you should've seen me!! I was ready to burst out getting physical on my cell phone. ~Laughs!~ I guess it is pretty funny now that I think about it. I`m a loser! Haha! And proud of it! My procrastinating really got me embarrassed this time!! (Haha, Ordinary Girl, I wonder if anything like this happened to you!? ^_~)

Well, speaking of procrastinating, I gotta write an essay for Language Arts and homework for Spanish, and Social Studies. -__-' ~Sighs~ Well, I gotta get going and type the essay and do the homework. Ja Nee! `1 WUN [Peace]


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