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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Crazy day again! o.O

Again, thanks for over 300 visits! Keep on visiting me people!! Chyeaa! Well, on the way home from rehearsal, all of us on the bus were going crazy! We were waving to people in the cars behind us and we would give `em the peace and the rock n` roll sign! There was this one guy, we waved to him and he had the WTF?! face and he was basically going crazy to try to see who we were and he was turning his head side ways and other ways to see us then he waved back wildly and we started to crack the hell up like DYING!! [That was the longest sentence I`ve ever written.] Well, randommm, but funny. I`m gonna miss it though cuz today was the last day of rehearsal and tomorrow is the concert. Then the next festival is next year in March.... Well, I have two festivals but this festival is easier and more fun because this festival has orchestra, band, and chorus people. The other one I go to only has orchestra and the music is harder. -____-` ~Sighs~

I made a Naruto wallpaper, featuring Sasuke and Itachi, the Uchiha Clan brothers! It got posted up today:

Check it outttt~! ^_~ Well, I gotz to go! Ja Ne~! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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