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Friday, March 16, 2007

Good Day! XD
I took the last part of the Math Assessment today! =] YESS! ~Cheers!~ Now the only State Test I have left is Social Studies. I don't know when that's gonna be but my worst subject is Social Studies!! GRRR! I`m totally gonna fail that... ~Sighs~ -___-' Well, I guess I`ll be studying for THAT test. (Probably won't hehe XD)

Today, the only class I took notes for was Social Studies. No matter what it is, my Social Studies teacher always give us work to do. It could be easy but taking notes just bore me to sleep. I even almost fell asleep today during SS!

Ah, I was on the phone with Baka Neko [xX9.tailed:NekoXx] & I couldn't even speak at all. I have braces and the wire from the left side of my mouth all came to the right side of my mouth and the wire is poking my tongue. A part of my tongue hurts and stings. It's probably a `lil bit swollen as well! BAKA ORTHODONIST!! Well, I`m going to the Orthodontist tomorrow for an appointment so that is good! Baka Neko is really baka for laughing at me (from the way I was talking). I sounded like I have madd food in my mouth that I can't swallow. ~Laughs~ I guess it IS funny when you think about it but ehhh the pain just isn't going away. THE PAiN SHALL DiEEEEE!~ Well, someone is hypahh`!

Ehhh, moving on! I have been wanting to watch Death Note, ever since I finished watching Hikaru no Go... I was on the phone with Baka Neko and this was our conversation:
Me: The only character I know from Death Note is L.
Baka Neko: Yeahhh me too.
Me: You know what? I`ll talk to you later. I`m gonna go watch Death Note. ~Chuckles~

&+ We went on like that for awhile. After that, she let me go and I began my first episode of Death Note!!! As you can see, I was really willing to watch it. Right now, I`m about to begin the third episode. Oh my goshh.. ~Rolls Eyes~ I`m gonna end up getting addicted to Death Note like I was addicted to Full Moon. ~Sighs~ Well, I`m gonna go back to watchingg~!

Ja Ne! `1 WUN! [Peace]


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