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Friday, March 9, 2007

300 Visits! & Orchestra.... ^_~

Yayy for over 300 visits! I`m really happy. I was on the way home from the music festival [I play in the orchestra] and everyone including our chaperone were hyper .... ehhh well the students. The teacher was really tired but eyyy, she was laughing and yet confused sometimes because I was talking too fast and stuffs. Then I tripped over my friend's foot and I basically went flying across the school bus. Mannn, that was fun but I almost fell. ~Laughs!~ I get all happy and weirded out just thinking about it. o.O Well still, it made my Friday night. But, I don't think tomorrow would be that fun because we're having another chaperone and she's suppose to be strict and yeahh. ~Snaps fingers and saying "awhh MANNN!"~ I`m gonna go for a shower be back in a few minutes.....

20 Minutes Later.... I`m backkk! That felt good... &+ I just sneezed. &+ Now I want soup. I`m gonna go get some laterr! Wo0t w0ot!

Now my mom is yelling at me and stuff and being annoying. Well, I`m gonna go now! Thanks for the 300 visits! I got orchestra tomorrow too! I`ll update to let you guys know anything if something happens! Ja Ne! `1 WUN!


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