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Thursday, September 14, 2006

   College Life

I realize I haven't posted here in forever, and considering I am sitting here doing nothing (hoping to take a nap), I figured I would finally update a little.

Well, the last 3+ weeks have been COLLEGE. I am attending Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park, PA. I've always wanted to go here since I used to visit with my cousins who went here. (My one cousin still goes here, so it's nice to see her on-campus sometimes!) Tyler was the only school I applied to. hahah.

Well, dorm life's good. It was easy to adjust to and feels like "home" already. One thing that sucks is that people are freaking loud at night, even though we have "quiet hours" past 10, and it's hard to go to sleep, even by the time it's 12. grrrr. Anyway, I have several good friends already, and two of them are really into anime! yay!

And now, here's the part that sucks: CLASSES. Many are just completely and horribly boring. Yup. And I dislike many of the art projects... but we still have to do them anyway. Freshman year is "foundation" year, so we have very standard projects and crap. Not too fun -_-;

Summer went by too fast, I think. I worked at a vet and kennel where I got to take care of the cute doggies and kitties that were borading there. Other than that, I went to Otakon. It was fun (duh). The best part was being able to see the FMA movie.

OMG! THAT MOVIE IS FREAKING AMAZING!!! I can't believe how incredible it was, it blows my mind. So many twists and turns and the ending is like, "OMG! *squee!*" I'm so happy they had a premiere screening of the English version before it came out in theaters. I love that fricking movie.

Anyway, at Otakon I cosplayed as Lunamaria from Gundam Seed Destiny. Check it out if you want. It's uploaded onto the Cosplay part of TheO. (go through my Profile to find it).

I really need to add new art on here (sorry). Though I have little time to devote to anime-oriented art now that I'm in college. Plus, most professors HATE anime... I know. It sucks. But I have a few pieces of art from my manga that I need to scan. Maybe I'll do that today.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing good. Does anyone remember me?? lol. I should be more active, haha. I do go on TheO everyday, I just don't post much. -_-

ja mata.

P.S. Check out my website! It has the same anime art on it, but you can see my more traditional stuff there as well. Please sign my guestbook and stuff! I really need to get my website off the ground and rolling! SO please help out! Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

   Say So Long to Wisdom....

Yesterday I got my wisdom teeth taken out! Oh the joy! O.o It actually isn't that bad ^_^ The actual surgery felt like it never happened-- and anyone whose been under anesthesia can understand. They brought me into the room and told me to sit down, then immediately braced my arm up and gave me the injection (after conversing with me for a minute or so). They also put a thing on my finger to monitor heart rate, etc. Anyway, about ten seconds after the injection I started to see fuzzy, it was weird. I got suddenly tired and then closed my eyes. I could hear them talking for a few minutes and then the next thing I know I was waking up and this lady was talking to me asking if I could stand up. So I did and she guided me into a resting room. The whole time I was thinking, "What, where are you taking me?, we didn't even do anything yet!" Seriously, it felt like nothing happened! Then I felt the gauze in my mouth and figured out the surgery was over... I was dizzy most of the time, though, and spent about ten-fifteen laying down in the recovery room... The dentists there are funny, too ^_^

I went home and laid down. I didn't sleep until much later, a little nap in the evening and then had a good night's rest today. It hasn't really hurt at all. I mean, I have pain killer that I take, but even without them it's only a little discomfort. The worst part... is eating...

It seems that nothing I try to eat wants to stay down. Only one out of three things I ate yesterday I didn't throw up... And I haven't thrown up since elementary school.. >.< (Not that you need to know that! I'll try not to talk about throw up anymore!) Well, so I haven't eaten much... And it's hard to eat when I do... It hurts to swallow and things get stuck in the holes in my gums! lol...

Ok, well, I'm sure you all don't want to hear about this much more, heh. All and all, it's not that bad, so if you are going to have to get your wisdom teeth out, don't worry about it too much. Of course, everyone is different, though. Some people have a much rougher time. My brother had his out recently and he was fine, but my sister had a horrible time when she got hers out. >.< So, it all depends... But it's not much to fear, especially if you don't like the idea of surgery... because it's like nothing! Really! So, have any of you older folks here (hahaa, I don't mean to call you old! Technically I'm calling myself old asking this) had your wisdom teeth out? Or how 'bout any unpleasant trip to the dentist? I'd like to hear!!

Hope everyone is enjoying their time off! (If they have it!) Remember to relax! Well, I sort of have to, since I get sick/dizzy/nauseous if I sit up or stand up too long... Hopefully that'll change soon! See ya soon!

~dewa mata,

P.S. I want my manga!! I ordered it two weeks ago! And I need something to keep me occupied!! (And if 16 volumes of manga can't do the job, nothing can! lol)

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Thursday, June 15, 2006


OMG.... yes, that's right... I finally graduated from high school yesterday! It's been a long four years... I have mixed feelings about graduating... I am so glad to get away from the annoying, ridiculous, and uncivilized students from my school >.< It's really bad, our school district is going down the drain, so it's nice to get away from the degrading atmosphere.... I hope I don't sound cocky, but half of the school is obnoxious and undedicated to their education!

On the other hand, I will greatly miss my friends and other aquaintances, as well as many of my teachers. Hopefully I'll keep in touch with some of my better friends, and I'll go back often to visit my teachers.... I'll also miss the routine of it all... You get so used to going to high school, that's it's going to be weird not going to high school. I like change, but I don't like change... I'm sort of in between about going to college...

I'm excited to go to college because I want to get out of the ordinary flow of things and meet new people... However, I'm afraid I'll get a horrible roommate, classes that I hate, etc. etc... I'm sure everything will be fine, but it takes a lot for me to get to know someone well. Like, I can't be "myself" with just anyone, and there are many types of people nowadays that I don't like... Not that I don't like meeting new people, but many people these days are lacking on the morals, if you know what I mean. I just hope I get a roommate I can get along with! ^_^;
However, I do have my cousin and a great anime buddy there at school to hang out with ^_^ I'm lucky for that!

Anyway, sorry for rambling!! I haven't updated for a month, again! It's like my monthly blog! *sweatdrop* Anyway, during the summer I plan to do some of the following: work (I need money!), learn much more Japanese, work heavily on my manga, and make my cosplay outfit for Otakon...

So, here's the question! What do you plan to do during this summer? If you were in school this year, are you done yet? I'm sure most of you have finished school for this year.... ^_^ Have a happy summer!! I say that like I won't see you until fall... But I swear, I'll be good and update somewhat frequently!! ;)

~dewa mata,

P.S. I was really worried about the rain yesterday... the forecast said a strong possibility for thunderstorms and rain, and we have our graduation outside. If it does rain, which it hasn't ever for my school, they have to do it inside in our small auditorium, which means only two people per graduate can watch. I really wanted my whole family to be there and luckily the rain held off until about an hour after the ceremony ended! We got lucky! Plus, it would have been a really bad omen >.<

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

A Month of Madness

Nyaah! I haven't posted here in a month! Oh how hectice of a month it has been... Don't feel too neglected, I haven't been very active anywhere online since my last post here. Sorry to those of you who I usually read and comment on your blogs, but I unfortunately haven't had much free time lately... I can't wait until summer >.<

Here a list with brief descriptions of what has been going on, for those of you who care: ^_^;

1) AP Exams- The first week of may means the beginning of AP testing... I had three exams: AP English, AP Calculus AB, and AP Studio Art. In addition to study for Eng and Calc, I was very behind on my paintings for AP Art, and spent many a day painting in the last few weeks in April. Oh how I'm glad AP exams are over... I liked the Calc exam... I think I did pretty well ^_^ (STATUS: completed)

2) District Musical- Every year the school district puts on a musical, this year's being Beauty and the Beast. The show night were the on the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May. The play was great, but very time-consuming. Being just on stage crew, I spent a lot of extra time at school (it was worth it though!) I'll miss doing the musicals... this was the most fun one ^_^ (STATUS: completed)

3) Mural Project- for a class called Senior Project, students must do some sort of work study for 30 hours and at the end of the class make a presentation about it. I did a mural for my church, but it has yet to be finished >.< I worked on it today and yesterday, and many times before... It's almost done, but MUST be done by this Friday... Which means a lot of painting -_-" (STATU: not completed :( )

4) Homework- Yes... homework makes it on the list because it's so time consuming >.< and annoying... and... (the list could go on forever)... Soon, it will all be over!! And then c-o-l-l-e-g-e.... oh boy.... (STATUS: never complete >.< )

I just realized I graduate in exactly a month... so, this is the homestretch!! I trying to do my best with everything and enjoy it (if that's possible) and have time to sleep ^_^ Unfortunately, I haven't drawn in a while, nor have I seen much anime lately. I'm behind on manga, but come mid-June I'm stocking up on all the new novels!! :) Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there! Summer is almost here ^_~ Hopefully I'll update soon! Ja mata! :D

dewa mata suguni ne!

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

   Spring Break!!

nyah! I haven't posted for like a month!! Ok, it's more like 2.5 weeks, but still a long time either way... Before the break I was too busy doing school work to contribute much to TheO... I've lately been too lazy to comment on other people's posts! Sorry! I do read them though!

Spring break has been ok so far, I guess... Though, it's Thursday already!!! O.O OMG! And have so much school work to do >.< Like a million questions for English and a practice test for the AP Calc exam... Plus, I have so much stuff to paint for AP Art... After May 5th all my AP stuff will be over!! O.O (But that means taking the exams too)

I don't remember exactly what I did last Friday... Well, on Sautrday I went to a reception thing at the college I'm going to next year, Tyler School of Art. We had a tour and went through the (small ^_^) campus and saw all of the different departments, like-- glass-blowing, ceramics, printmaking, fibers, painting, photography, jewelry making, etc... They have so much intersting stuff there! It's going to be fun, even though it's be hard and I'll be sleep-deprived... -_-'

Not much on Sunday... Then Monday I basically slept all day! lol... How ironic, today I couldn't slept at all O.O I painted some for AP Art on Tuesday.... Yesterday I spent 8 hours painting O.o 6 hours of it was working on my mural for my "senior project"-- a class where every senior has to send 30 hours doing some sort of job-shadowing. Then I went to stage crew for 2 hours and painted there... I have to go to stage crew again today...

After stage crew, me and my sister went to the gym... She has a membership there and I went on a guest pass. The guess pass is only for three days, but the guy let us slip in and out without checking me in ;) So I can get an extra day... It was fun... We ran on the elipiticals (sp?) for 40 mins, then did a few weight-lifting machines for the arms and legs... My arms hurt now >.<

gyah! I've been rambling on about nothing for so long! Gomen! I should do more painting again today >.< I wanted to finish watching Gundam Seed Destiny over break, (I've seen like half of it, and the DVDs are sitting on my shelf) but I don't think that's going to happen T_T See you all later! I'm off to make an egg omelette! YUM! :3

~dewa mata!

QUESTION: Have you had your spring break already? Or do you have it now like I do? Or do you not get a break at all? O.O

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

   Happy 2nd Anniversary at TheO!!

It's strange to think that I've been a member of MyOtaku for two years O.O It seems like such a long time ago... >.< It's weird that a lot of the people I know on here joined around the same time as me... I don't know, I think it's kind of ironic.

Anyway, in celebration I have added to new fanarts a little sooner than I probably would have other-wise... Please check them out if you can! There's one of Howl from Miyazaki's Holw's Moving Castle, done in copic markers. The other one is a CG of Ed from FMA... It's been a while since I've CGed anything. I've been too caught up in my copic markers! lol.

Oh! I was very happy when I saw my "Autum Elf" pic be spotlighted in that fanart thing on the bottom of the main page! I was hoping some day one of my arts would be up there O.O It's good way to get a lot of votes! *is selfish, lol!* But seriously, not a lot of people vote these days >.<

Sorry to talk about nothing but art -_-" Must run off to do home work >.< I'm thinking of making a few quizzes to add up here-- it would be fun. Well, see ya! Have a good week everybody! :)


QUESTION: Do you like coconut?
Most people either love it or hate it (like Chinese food)-- I am one of those people who hate it >.< yuck, sorry... umm, how 'bout you?

Thanks Hinaru!!~~~~~~~~ XD

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Friday, March 24, 2006

   New Art

hmm... Nothing much to report other than some new art that I added today... The first one is one of Son Goku from Saiyuki done in copic markers... I did that a few weeks ago. Then, the next one is one of lil Ed from FMA. When I started drawing this I didn't really plan to draw anything in particular. I was just drawing and was actually going for just a random person or something. Then I ended up drawing "Ed eyes" and thought, "Oh I should make this Ed!" So as I did that, his face ended up too childish, so I said, "It'll be a young Ed!" And it went from there! I really like this one. I'm happy with the monotime product, I don't think it would've had the same effect in color.

The last new pic is an art project I did at the beginning of the year. The assignment was a full-value pencil drawing with the image somehow being "broken up". If you look at the pic, the leaves are doing the "breaking up". I decided to put this up here even though I've never put any realism stuff up. I think this site should be strictly anime, but I though this picture was enough anime-oriented to display here, (mostly because a lot of video games have more realistic people, and it sort of fits in with that art). But I dislike when people put up realism here just because I think theO should be just anime and video games-- fan art... not realism, unless it is a character being put into the realism style. No landscapes, self-portraits, still-lifes, etc. I just don't think they belong here.

Anyway, after boring you with all that, if you could take a look at my pictures that would be great ^_^ THANKS! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!! I will have two new pics up probably on Sunday... What are they? Well, that's a surprise! (Why? I dunno...)

Well, don't know what to say... so, see ya! Have a good weekend, everybody ^_^


QUESTION: What's your biggest pet peeve?!
Well, TheO-wise... I have a few pet peeves...
--Pet Peeve #1- People commenting on pictures but NOT VOTING! If you liked it enough to comment on it, why is it so hard to click a button?! (I know, I keep track of my votes, mwahaha)
--Pet Peeve #2- People VOTING NO and not saying WHY! If you disliked it enough to say "no", there must have been a reason...
--Pet Peeve #3- FLAMERS! HATERS! No other explanation is needed... it's just those people who are jealous and vote down all your pics >.<
--There are more Pet Peeves, but I won't bother you with them!

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Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm sure you guys have noticed the new layout!! LOL. I love red (to death) but figured it was time for change... (Change is a good thing, right?) And since I was due for a new layout, and had planned to change it soon... Then I found this awesome bg of Ed and had to put it up here! I like the blue, it's so much calmer them the red I usually have... Hope you guys like it! :) I'll probably be changing other things soon too, like my ava...

Anyway... Nothing much else to say.. I'll have to scan those pics and get them up here one of these days... But before I go.. just some thoughts on the new changes on theO...

Anyway... at first I was really confused with the new Protfolio thing.. I was like, "Where'd my link go?!" Then I found the Portfolio link... Seriously, I'm not adjusting very easily, I keep going to the bootom of the sites to check out the fanart >.<

I like the old way better, and I'm not saying that because of resistance to change... The links at the bottom were more direct.. Now, if you want to get to someone's fanart, you have to go to the portfolio, then the fanart... Plus, you don't know if the person has anything until you look at their portfolio... You could just be wasting your time, you know? With the bottom links, you knew exactly what and how many to expect.

Some good things about it are that you can see a member's total contributions... I bet some of the more active members' "bottom links" were a little out of hand. Also, I like how it keeps track of the amount of comments you've posted. However, I'd have to say that overall this change will not benefit us. It would be nice if they switch back... Or even better if they had both!

And what's the point of this "Permalink" thing? It seems needless to me, and is kind of annoying, cluttering up things... -_-;

Well, those are just my options, it's okay if you disagree ^_^ We all have our own thoughts and feelings... Okay, this is getting too long, so ja ne for now!! :)


Question: Do you like coffee? And which do you prefer, coffee or (hot) tea? What's your favorite kind?
I love coffee! Actually, mostly just the yummy flavored stuff... French Vanilla... Cappucino ^_^; Though I drink regular coffee too. I used to not like hot tea very much, but I do now! How 'bout you?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

   Happy Pi Day and Happy White Day!!

Hello everyone! Nanika atta?! Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday... ^_^; Well, I made a little "oekaki update" today, featuring four new pictures... Well, I wouldn't call them all "new" since the one was done in late January, another in early February, and the other two in recent weeks. Anyway, go check them out, if you will ^_^ I like getting votes and comment (Why do I always say this? It doesn't even seem to help... ^_^')

In a few days I'll add some non-oekaki art... *thinks of what she has* There's one of Goku from Saiyuki... one of a young Ed (FMA), and one of my OC Aki... All in copic. Maybe I'll do something else by the time I update...? Though, I don't have a lot of free time T_T

hmmm.... I don't know what else to say... *thinks* Nope, I got nothing.... *thinks harder* Nope, still got nothing... nada.. nunca... Soo... I will run off and do my homework *growls @ hw* Sorry I only talked about art-related stuff... oh well... So my boredom-inducing comments live on!!

dewa mata!


QUESTION: Do you like eating with chopsticks? Or.. can you, at least?!
I LOVE CHOPSTICKS!! I'm one of those people who can't eat Chinese food (or Japanese, Vietamese, etc.) without chopsticks!! My family all hold them wrong >.<

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Friday, March 3, 2006

   Me duele la garganta.... meh....

Heya! I don't update often, do I? I'm on theO everyday... but I just don't have much to post about (and I don't want to bore you, lol)

I should be putting up new pics soon... a few oekakis and at least one copic marker pic. (I like to update in chunks, lol) So, look forward to that soon! Oh! I have new manga coming!! Yay! It should be here soooon! I'm getting FMA 5, Saiyuki Reload 3, HANA-KIMI 10!, Land of the Blindfolded 6, Samurai Deeper Kyo 17, and Absolute Boyfriend 1. =^_^=

Anyway.... about two weeks ago, my friend sent me a link to this fun game! Test your abilities!! How long can you last?! The game is called Escapa! You control a red square, and you have to avoid the four moving blue boxes that bounce off the walls. The object is to go as long as you can without getting hit! But! Beware, it gets fast!! The URL is: http://tinyurl.com/56t9u Try it out and tell me your high score!!

I haven't played for a while, but my high score is 34.943. You are AWESOME if you can get more than 18 seconds! It's been said that the US Air Force uses this for fighter pilots. They are expected to go for at least 2 minutes. O.O

Anyway... I guess that's all... My bro is coming home from college for spring break... ALREADY! Mine's not until April 10th! College kids are so lucky >.< Well, dewa mata! Everyone have a good weekend! Someone gave me their sickness... My throat's been hurting -_-; I hope it doesn't get worse... ttys!

But before I go... A few questions (Sorry to steal your idea blackwings, lol >.< )

1) For those of you who are big manga collectors... Which publisher do you have the most novels of? My top one is TokyoPop, with 57 novels. It wins mostly because of the long series I collect of TokyoPop stuff... Viz is a close second with 49 novels. I have one seires from CMX and Broccoli. (P.S. I have A LOT of manga ^_^;)

2) For those who aren't big manga collectors... you can answer this: ^_^; What Chinese zodiac sign are you? How about your horoscope?
I'm technically a rabbit even though I was born in 1988 (year of the dragon) T_T I rather be a DRAGON! I consider myself to be both, though I'm only fooling myself >.< And I'm a Capricorn :D

ja ne!

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