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Friday, March 24, 2006

   New Art

hmm... Nothing much to report other than some new art that I added today... The first one is one of Son Goku from Saiyuki done in copic markers... I did that a few weeks ago. Then, the next one is one of lil Ed from FMA. When I started drawing this I didn't really plan to draw anything in particular. I was just drawing and was actually going for just a random person or something. Then I ended up drawing "Ed eyes" and thought, "Oh I should make this Ed!" So as I did that, his face ended up too childish, so I said, "It'll be a young Ed!" And it went from there! I really like this one. I'm happy with the monotime product, I don't think it would've had the same effect in color.

The last new pic is an art project I did at the beginning of the year. The assignment was a full-value pencil drawing with the image somehow being "broken up". If you look at the pic, the leaves are doing the "breaking up". I decided to put this up here even though I've never put any realism stuff up. I think this site should be strictly anime, but I though this picture was enough anime-oriented to display here, (mostly because a lot of video games have more realistic people, and it sort of fits in with that art). But I dislike when people put up realism here just because I think theO should be just anime and video games-- fan art... not realism, unless it is a character being put into the realism style. No landscapes, self-portraits, still-lifes, etc. I just don't think they belong here.

Anyway, after boring you with all that, if you could take a look at my pictures that would be great ^_^ THANKS! ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!! I will have two new pics up probably on Sunday... What are they? Well, that's a surprise! (Why? I dunno...)

Well, don't know what to say... so, see ya! Have a good weekend, everybody ^_^


QUESTION: What's your biggest pet peeve?!
Well, TheO-wise... I have a few pet peeves...
--Pet Peeve #1- People commenting on pictures but NOT VOTING! If you liked it enough to comment on it, why is it so hard to click a button?! (I know, I keep track of my votes, mwahaha)
--Pet Peeve #2- People VOTING NO and not saying WHY! If you disliked it enough to say "no", there must have been a reason...
--Pet Peeve #3- FLAMERS! HATERS! No other explanation is needed... it's just those people who are jealous and vote down all your pics >.<
--There are more Pet Peeves, but I won't bother you with them!

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