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Sunday, March 26, 2006

   Happy 2nd Anniversary at TheO!!

It's strange to think that I've been a member of MyOtaku for two years O.O It seems like such a long time ago... >.< It's weird that a lot of the people I know on here joined around the same time as me... I don't know, I think it's kind of ironic.

Anyway, in celebration I have added to new fanarts a little sooner than I probably would have other-wise... Please check them out if you can! There's one of Howl from Miyazaki's Holw's Moving Castle, done in copic markers. The other one is a CG of Ed from FMA... It's been a while since I've CGed anything. I've been too caught up in my copic markers! lol.

Oh! I was very happy when I saw my "Autum Elf" pic be spotlighted in that fanart thing on the bottom of the main page! I was hoping some day one of my arts would be up there O.O It's good way to get a lot of votes! *is selfish, lol!* But seriously, not a lot of people vote these days >.<

Sorry to talk about nothing but art -_-" Must run off to do home work >.< I'm thinking of making a few quizzes to add up here-- it would be fun. Well, see ya! Have a good week everybody! :)


QUESTION: Do you like coconut?
Most people either love it or hate it (like Chinese food)-- I am one of those people who hate it >.< yuck, sorry... umm, how 'bout you?

Thanks Hinaru!!~~~~~~~~ XD

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