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Monday, May 24, 2004

   Hey Hey!

hey everyone! Sorry for not posting.. I'm here, just too lazy to write a post, heh... that's pretty bad isn't it? Well, I've been having Naruto Marathons, so I spend a lot of my time watching episodes... you can never have too much Naruto, I must say ^_^
haha... I'm mad... My friend, who I got into Naruto, started d/ling episodes herself, and now she passed me in episodes! It's no fair cuz she's seen more than me... Oh well, I don't care that much, b/c I enjoy watching them at my own pace and I have other things to be doing... heh, I'm a competetive person, even at stupid things like that :P
Oh, I'm going to be working on my Sakura pic, and now that I got Photoshop 7 (I only had Photoshop 5 Limited Edition before) I can add cool brushes, YAY! ;)
It's REALLY, REALLY HOT here! Like in the 90's.... I hate the heat, and it's not fun when only a few rooms in our school are air conditioned.... But tomorrow's not supposed to be as hot ^_^ (Well, in the 80's, but that's not as bad...)
Well, Monday's suck, as usual... My day seemed very long, how 'bout you? I can't wait til the end of this week! Three day weekend!! Plus, I'm going to a local horse show, yay! I love it there, I go every year.... Plus, I have a half day on Friday, so it's like a 3.5 day weekend, hehe...

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Friday, May 21, 2004

   It's Friday!!

I'm sooo happy it's Friday! I don't think I could take anymore of school... I just got home and it's like 4:00 -_-" And I need some sleep, hehee.

Yay! I'm a Philadelphia Flyers fan, and I must say the game last night was AWESOME!! To any hockey fans, you can only imagine, it was a great game... Tampa Bay got the first goal, then the Flyers came back with two goals at the end of the first period. Later, Tampa Bay tied it up at 2-2, and after that, the Flyers scored again to make it 3-2. I wasn't really watching the game (my brother had put it on every TV in the house, hehe, and we have six TVs.), b/c I was on the computer... but anyway, one second it's 3-2 and then the next second I turn around and it's 3-4, and I was like- "NOO!" So it was 3-4 through most of the third period... and then *while I was sleeping, heh* Primeau scored an awesome goal with like 1:40 left! It was a really weird goal, I must say *I woke up when my sister cheered, LOL* Then I went back to sleep and told my sis to tell me who won when the game was over... I didn't need to tell her that, b/c I woke up when she screamed again LOL... Yup, Simon Gagne scored the goal in overtime! (as well as the their first goal) So, I'm happy... to any hockey-fans out there who'd understand, that was the sixth game of the playoffs, and the the Flyers had 2 games while Tampa Bay had 3, so it was very crutial that the Flyers win or else Tampa Bay would've won the series :'( But Game 7 is tomorrow in Tampa Bay... GO FLYERS!!!

Okay, that was probably not too interesting unless you're a sports fan... The only professional sport I like to watch and follow is hockey (and equestrian, if that counts?) But to actually play, I like volleyball, soccer, and basketball... hockey would be fun, but I don't skate. Football's not too bad to play either, but I don't play it that often... Well, I don't play any sports that often...

On a different note, I drew a cute pose of Sakura, so now I have to color... most likely on the computer... I don't know... I really like doing CGs... ^_^
Well, everyone have a good Friday night and weekend!! *cough*stillsick*cough*

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Thursday, May 20, 2004

   Still Sick

sorry for not posting yesterday... I was busy... unfortunately... And I'm still sick- and it's not fun, but I'll get over it ^_^
Not much time to do anything yesterday... I had to stay after school for the newspaper, and what sucks is that I have to stay again tomorrow. Then I had to finish my lab for Biology... And, my Spanish teacher suddenly wanted all of us to make lemon water ice. She explained how to make it and it's not hard to make, and she wanted to have it to start off our new unit on food. So, a few people volunteered to make it, including myself. I had a feeling no one else was going to make it, so yesterday I made double the recipe. The funny thing is that only me and my teacher made it, and she made two batches as well... But, we had plenty for everyone ^_^
Some how I managed to watch several episodes of Naruto yesterday, and two so far today :) I love that show...
umm... yeah.. I'm sure I'm boring you all. so, see ya later ^_^"

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

   Sneezing, Sneezing, Go Away...

Ever since yesterday I've been sneezing like non-stop! It's insane! And today I wake up and my throat hurts and I can't breathe through my nose -_-" And all today at school my nose has been runny, and it's really annoying... I must've sneezed like 200 times between yesterday and today... There's something wrong with me, I must have a cold... But it's not too bad, b/c I like to sneeze LOL It's a cool feeling and it's much better than coughing... Though I've been coughing too...
Well, I wasn't really watching Naruto... not yet anyways... I was working on my Hikaru pic and listening to Naruto music... But I'm done the pic now and it should be up by tomorrow or the next... It's a cool CG.. I like it ^_^ Well, off to watch some Naruto finally... Well, not really "off" b/c I'm not going anywhere, but you know.. ^_^"

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   Stupid Yahoo Geocities...!

Okay... I have an account (actually, I have many accounts, but anyway) on Yahoo's Geocities... one that I pay for... (or rather one that my mom pays for me LOL) It's like $9 a month or something. The point is that this morning I came onto myOtaku's site and my pics don't work... So, confused of course, I went to my site that I uploaded the pics to and... My site isn't there and there's no sign that it was there. It just doesn't work. So I log onto my account and it says something along the lines of "This account is currently inactive"... So, I, of course, am thoroughly confused.
I go and asked my mom if she'd had paid for it that month and she said that it's set up to automatically take the money from her credit card account, so I was like "okay".
THen I went off to school... and well.. I started thinking... I REALLY hope that they didn't DELETE all of my pages on that account. I'd be soo screwed b/c I don't have those html files anywhere else. I don't know what they mean by "inactive", b/c I've logged into my account a lot and I've gone to my site, and it's always worked until this morning. But inactive, I hope they mean that the files are still there but they aren't online or something. I don't know what'll do if all my files are gone...
So, now I have to e-mail the damn people, and I hope they can help me... *cries* Everything better still be there!!
*whew* I'm going to watch some Naruto to cheer me up... see ya guys later...

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Monday, May 17, 2004


Well, I don't like Mondays much... but, in any case, I'm glad that it's over... Well, the school part anyway. Unfortunately I have to go back to school at 7 for this meeting for AP (advanced placement) History... I don't like history much and I know there's a lot of work for that class, but I'm taking it anyway... What am I crazy? But I kinda have to b/c since they have the AP they don't have an Honors class, and only College Prep (and Applied), and I'm not taking College Prep, so I gotta take the damn AP class... It's a semester and a half long and we got three assignments over the summer... sounds fun, ne? I don't know if I can survive that long with history... -_-"

hmmm... oh yeah... I tried to wreck havoc at that damn Queen of Fire's site... I added a comment just to back Himurakensan (himura-sama) up with her accusation. damn, she stole at least 5 or so piece of art work and thought no one would notice? This is the internet for crying out loud, someone would eventually notice... Well, I hope you feel a little better Abby ^_^

Well, noting new in the art department... though I have a little Hikaru sketch that I want to CG, but it's nothing big... Well, I hope you all have a good day!

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Saturday, May 15, 2004


okay, I am a big horse racing fan... I love horses and watching races is fun ^_^ Anyway, the Preakness Stakes was today, and Smarty Jones took first place by a whopping 12 lengths... I was a little worried about him winning and I thought it was going to be a close race, but it wasn't ^_^ So, now Smarty is eligible for the Triple Crown! Go Smarty! I'm in the "Smarty Party" b/c he was bred and raced in Philadelphia and I live right outside of Philadelphia... And no Philadelphian, actually Pennsylvanian, horse has won the Triple Crown... or at least I think that's what it is...
umm... if you're not a big horse racing fan, you don't have to read the rest of this... Smarty Jones is an amazing horse... He's run a total of 8 races and has not lost a single one... Another amazing think is that he's never raced the same distance twice, so he's a very adaptable horse. Also, he's raced at like 5 different tracks, so he's pretty good at just going with the flow. And he's a really confident horse ^_^ Good Luck in the Belmont Smarty!

Anyway, that's about all. I had this banquet thing for the musical at my school and basically all that happened was we ate, ate got awards, and we danced... or rather, I watched other people dance LOL Me and my firned left early b/c there was nothing to do... Well, time to sleep ^_^"

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The damn button on the "Edit Content" page isn't working and won't let me update my site's content, and it's really pissing me off -_-" It was working for a bit and then it stopped working... Damn it... it better work soon -_-" I was in the middle of changing my page... grr...

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Friday, May 14, 2004

   uh, yeah...

I really should post more often, shouldn't I? Well, not much to say... Life is pretty boring right now LOL -_-" Not much interesting happened today.. Nothing interesting seems to happen at all... Nothing important enough to elaberate (sp?) about on here anyways. Okay, I think I'll just say something random... hmm... okay...

I was at the pet shop today, and I the one that I went to (closest one to my house) usually doesn't have puppies, and I haven't been in there for a while, but they had some today... I walked in and I was like "Aw! Look at the cute Italian Greyhound!" haha... I know too much about dogs... Well, not *too* much, heheh, but I love to identify dogs and know all of the dogs in the AKC... Anyway... There was also a black and white Cocker Spaniel and a yellow Lab. The poor Lab was too big for her cage and she was pacing back an forth and whining and barking... I felt really bad for her and I told her "Don't worry, you'll get a home soon" LOL But seriously, he needed a bigger cage... I had to let her chew on my hand to keep her from barking a lot.. haha.. and I let the Cocker chew on hand too LOL... Puppies like to do that. The Greyhound just sat there looking all cute...
err... yeah, I told you my day wasn't too interesting, so if you made it through reading this post, congrats to you... ^_^"

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Thursday, May 13, 2004


Hello everybody... I'm back... Guess what? It's Thursday! Only one more day of school until the weekend! Fridays are good... But I have a quiz in Biology that i don't want to take... But anyway, I hope everyone had a good day... Mine was rather uneventful. Well, see you all tomorrow ^_^

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