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Monday, March 29, 2004


Hello any one whose out there... probably not many LOL ^_^" Anyway, I have to make myself an avatar! I want it to be really kawaii... I'm still debating on what I want to do.. At first I was gonna do a chibi of myself, but now I think I'm going to do a lil chibi firewolf :D Makes sense, right? :P I'll probably be adding more art soon.. Please vote and comment! Esp. comment; I want to know what you think!
Is it just me or does it really annoy you when something gets a not-so-great rating, and you have no idea why? Like, if someone votes "no" to a great piece of art, shouldn't they say why? It really annoys me when I can tell that several people have voted "no" with no explanation of why... That's what the comment section is there for!
And... I do NOT like the voting system! I mean... if just one person votes negatively, you're screwed until you get a lot of people to vote "yes"... Like, you can go from a 100% to 67% in the matter of one vote... That's like going from and A+ to a D in one swoop... Just doesn't seem fair... I know it's not the webmaster fault... They probably don't have any better scipts. What I would like better is a 1 through 10 voting system... Then again, that has it's problems as well ^_^"
Well, my ranting is over... LOL!

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