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Hello and welcome to my little corner on theOtaku.com. I've finally added some newer art, so check it out! Perhaps I will be more active, if I see a general interest in my work. . .

You can check out my website at www.firewolfart.com or go to my deviantart site to see my most recent work.

I am a very big anime fan and hope to publish my own manga someday. Unfortunately due to copyright and other issues, my manga work will currently not be posted online. However, the background here is an image from my current manga, so hopefully you will be hearing about it soon! (To see the whole image, scroll through on my guestbook page)

Also, I love to cosplay! Please check out my cosplays on my site, as I am very proud!

I am currently attending an art college called Tyler School of Art in my home-state of Pennsylvania. My major is Graphic Design (Illustration) and a minor in Japanese. I will be going to Japan for a semester (Jan 2008 - May 2008) and perhaps will add some blogs about it here.

Anyway... Enjoy your stay! Please feel free to leave comments. They make me happy!! =^_^=

Thursday, June 12, 2008

   My Return to theO?

Hey everyone! There are probably only a few people I know left hanging around here, lol, but hello to all you new folks too!

As you can see in my last entry, two months ago I was still in Japan! Man, I wish I was still there... I had an amazing time XD And being the artist that I am, I took over 4,000 pictures during my stay! O.o

Well, I kind of fell out of theO because I disliked it when it changed... I feel like it's harder to do everything around here, and I couldn't be bothered to figure out the easiest way to surf through the site... Plus, they original completely split up myO from theO, and I felt it was really inconvienent...

But I've been around here a little bit for a last few days, and decided to give it all another chance ;) The least I can do is upload some art, check up on some fanart and fancomics, and keep up with some of the people I know on the site... right?

I'd have to say, it was ultimately the NYAF contest that brought me back here, lol. I really enjoy theO for it's contests... they are nice and simple with good rewards! And since New York isn't too far away, there's actually a possibility of going there for a con, lol. (unlike all the cons on the west coast...) So, good luck to everyone in that contest! Entries end soon, so get 'em in!

But for one thing, the stupidest thing I realize that the new TheO has done is limit one entry per 24 hours... What's up with that? That's the most inconvienent thing of all, I'd say... I can understand limiting entries.. but please, make it at least 3 or something. I have a few things I want to upload here, and now it'll take a week to get caught up! o.O

Well, hopefully I'll be around to update again sometime soon...

If you are interested in seeing some of my newer art, photos included!, please check out my site or my deviantArt page Thanks!

Ja mata ne!

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

   Japan Japan Japan

So, I've been in Japan for over one week now (it feels like so much longer). And except for some minor issues (like retarded internet, classes being dropped, and school-related stress), everything is fine and dandy. Tokyo is such an interesting city. Around where I live (Akasaka) it is very quaint and homey, and even the more commercial parts are nice. So far I've mostly stayed in the Akasaka/Roppongi area, but have ventured off to Shibuya, Harajuku, and Akihabara, all big shopping and entertainment districts. I plan to go to Hakone, Sapporo, and Kyoto during my 4 month stay here, and I'm so excited to do kyudo! (archery). Oh, I'll also be going to Yokohama and Kamakura soon, so I hope to do as much traveling as I can. I want to experience Japan as much as I can while I'm here, because I will never have an opportunity quite like this one again!

I hopefully will be posting some photos on deviantart eventually, but I'm not going to flood my gallery with pictures, so I'll try to pick the better ones, lol. However, I will frequently be uploading pics here: click

ja ne, minna-san!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

   Merry Christmas! and Long Time No See!

Soo. . . I haven't update here at theO for a long, long time, but I've been busy and things are usually slow here. But you know, I usually reappear every once in a while. (Hey, today was the first time I've been on Myspace for months...)

So, um. Welcome back? to me.. . ? In two minutes it'll be Christmas Day, so Merry Christmas to you all! And Happy Holidays to everyone else!! I hope everyone's holiday season is happy and safe.

I say safe, especially, because yesterday (sorry, I mean the 23th, since it is now past 12 AM) I was in a car accident. I'm fine, for the most part, and so is everyone else involved, but the whole thing was completely stupid. I'm too lazy to type about it again, so here's what I wrote on Deviantart:

Soo, yeah. Yesterday I had plans with six of my friends (and it's not easy to get us all together) and we were heading over to my grandmom's house for a bigger place to hang out. We ended up spliting up and me and my two friends were driving in one car. So, we made it about a mile from my house, and were chatting as we were stopped at a red light. So, suddenly, all I know is that I'm getting pushed foward and whipped back and forth-- someone hit us hard from behind. The impact was fast and hard-- my friend in the back lost her glasses and my hat ended up in the back of the car (I was in the front passenger's seat). We're lucky we were all okay, but we were terribly confused. (My friend's car wasn't so lucky). I mean, c'mon-- we were STOPPED AT A RED LIGHT, so we couldn't've possibly done anything wrong.

We were actually pushed into the SUV in right of us. We were like a minivan sandwich. My friend's car was totalled. The hood was smashed, but it was the back that simply amazed me. A huge chunk of the back was dented in, the muffler was hanging on the ground. Thankfully, the car took a lot more damage than we did, we were lucky to only get some whiplash O.O

We got out of the car, and luckily since we were practically right next to the police station, the cops were there instantly. A lot of people must've seen/heard the crash, because right after it happened all I saw was people on the sidewalk confirming if we were okay. So now you ask, how could this happen? I mean, seriously, we were just sitting there at a red light, we weren't even moving! It was all thanks to this idiot guy who decided to drive DRUNK.

They made him walk the line and then arrested him and took him to get blood drawn. Actually, the one doctor I met in the ER said that he had seen the guy earlier (as in before I got there) and that he was really drunk. His wife/girlfriend lady who was with him in the car was even more drunk than he was. After we had gotten out of the car after the crash, we saw her get out of the minivan and stumble around. She immediately fell down and afterwards proceeded to wander aimlessly around, going to trees for support. She disappeared at some point, so I wander if the cops took her?

So, yeah. We all ended up going to the ER to get checked out, since it was better to go than to not. We all felt pretty okay, despite the headaches. I also hit my right knee on the dashboard, and have a big bruise there. At the ER the doctors said I was okay, which I knew, but that I would be in more pain the following day, hahah. Which I am, since now I have a sore neck. Granted, everything could be a lot worse, and we're all lucky we all came out relatively unharmed, considering the damage to the car.

It's just really ridiculous and it seriously pissed me off. I mean, I had a nice night with my friend planned and we made it like 5 minutes away before everything was screwed over. I feel so bad for my friend because his car got destroyed, and he only recently got it. Now he has to manage to get to his internship without a car until things get settled. It was pretty funny though, because he even said it himself: "I can't believe I'm taking this surprising well", which he did. If something like happened to my car, I'd freak the hell out.

SO PLEASE! DON'T DRIVE DRUNK! It should go unsaid, right? Apparently not. And seriously, don't let any of your friends drive after drinking either. Because this guy probably thought that he "wasn't that drunk", but obviously his depth perception was VERY OFF. I dislike alcohol as it is, and I will never be drunk in my life, because I see no point nor pleasure in it. I generally dislike people who drink and don't associate with them, because of idiots like this. They take no responsibilty at all, and I can't stand people like that.

I can't even begin to think about what if last night's events turned out worse. We were all lucky to be wearing our seatbelts. So here's another thing I have to say: WEAR YOUR SEATBELT!! Because I know if I hadn't been, I would've been through the windshield. And we weren't on the highway or anything special. We were going down the street where I've gone thousands of times, on the street I walk down every time I go to work, the street I live on, in fact. So, my point is, these things happen everywhere, and at any time. (I didn't mention it was pouring down rain and I had to stand in it for an hour, though I was already soaked from walking to my friend's house). So, wear your seatbelt! It can seriously save your life!!

But yeah-- so everyone be safe, especially around the holidays when people are crazier and *stupid*er than usual.

In lighter news, I'll be in Tokyo in a few weeks for a 4 month long semester stay! I'm sure I'll end up posting about it here, so keep an eye out! :D

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

   Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Eat lots of turkey! And other things... like pumpkin pie! whee! O.O Hope everyone enjoys themselves today! And hopefully the entire weekend! (It's nice having a few days off.)

Anyway, this seems to be the first post since, well, I started college. So, here's to say, I'm still alive! Just busy and all, and not much to talk about, I suppose. I added my first art here in a long time yesterday. I really like it since it's the best thing I've done in a while--anime-wise. I have little time to draw for myself. :( Anyway, check it out if you want. It's of one of my characters. Also, I recent have started using my deviantart account --click here-- though there's not much there, but I'd love the attention anyway! ;)

Well, not much else to say today... other than, maybe-- DEATH NOTE ROCKS!!!! Death Note is truly amazing, so if anyone is looking for an exciting and incredible manga/anime-- go for Death Note!! I just got into it somewhat recently, but those who know Death Note understand, lol.

Again, everyone enjoy the holiday! OMG! Ya know what this means? Only like a month til Christmas!!? And like 3 weeks til the end of the semester! gah! Where does the time go?!

ja ne, minna-san!

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