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Thursday, September 14, 2006

   College Life

I realize I haven't posted here in forever, and considering I am sitting here doing nothing (hoping to take a nap), I figured I would finally update a little.

Well, the last 3+ weeks have been COLLEGE. I am attending Tyler School of Art in Elkins Park, PA. I've always wanted to go here since I used to visit with my cousins who went here. (My one cousin still goes here, so it's nice to see her on-campus sometimes!) Tyler was the only school I applied to. hahah.

Well, dorm life's good. It was easy to adjust to and feels like "home" already. One thing that sucks is that people are freaking loud at night, even though we have "quiet hours" past 10, and it's hard to go to sleep, even by the time it's 12. grrrr. Anyway, I have several good friends already, and two of them are really into anime! yay!

And now, here's the part that sucks: CLASSES. Many are just completely and horribly boring. Yup. And I dislike many of the art projects... but we still have to do them anyway. Freshman year is "foundation" year, so we have very standard projects and crap. Not too fun -_-;

Summer went by too fast, I think. I worked at a vet and kennel where I got to take care of the cute doggies and kitties that were borading there. Other than that, I went to Otakon. It was fun (duh). The best part was being able to see the FMA movie.

OMG! THAT MOVIE IS FREAKING AMAZING!!! I can't believe how incredible it was, it blows my mind. So many twists and turns and the ending is like, "OMG! *squee!*" I'm so happy they had a premiere screening of the English version before it came out in theaters. I love that fricking movie.

Anyway, at Otakon I cosplayed as Lunamaria from Gundam Seed Destiny. Check it out if you want. It's uploaded onto the Cosplay part of TheO. (go through my Profile to find it).

I really need to add new art on here (sorry). Though I have little time to devote to anime-oriented art now that I'm in college. Plus, most professors HATE anime... I know. It sucks. But I have a few pieces of art from my manga that I need to scan. Maybe I'll do that today.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing good. Does anyone remember me?? lol. I should be more active, haha. I do go on TheO everyday, I just don't post much. -_-

ja mata.

P.S. Check out my website! It has the same anime art on it, but you can see my more traditional stuff there as well. Please sign my guestbook and stuff! I really need to get my website off the ground and rolling! SO please help out! Arigatou gozaimasu!!!!

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