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Thursday, June 15, 2006


OMG.... yes, that's right... I finally graduated from high school yesterday! It's been a long four years... I have mixed feelings about graduating... I am so glad to get away from the annoying, ridiculous, and uncivilized students from my school >.< It's really bad, our school district is going down the drain, so it's nice to get away from the degrading atmosphere.... I hope I don't sound cocky, but half of the school is obnoxious and undedicated to their education!

On the other hand, I will greatly miss my friends and other aquaintances, as well as many of my teachers. Hopefully I'll keep in touch with some of my better friends, and I'll go back often to visit my teachers.... I'll also miss the routine of it all... You get so used to going to high school, that's it's going to be weird not going to high school. I like change, but I don't like change... I'm sort of in between about going to college...

I'm excited to go to college because I want to get out of the ordinary flow of things and meet new people... However, I'm afraid I'll get a horrible roommate, classes that I hate, etc. etc... I'm sure everything will be fine, but it takes a lot for me to get to know someone well. Like, I can't be "myself" with just anyone, and there are many types of people nowadays that I don't like... Not that I don't like meeting new people, but many people these days are lacking on the morals, if you know what I mean. I just hope I get a roommate I can get along with! ^_^;
However, I do have my cousin and a great anime buddy there at school to hang out with ^_^ I'm lucky for that!

Anyway, sorry for rambling!! I haven't updated for a month, again! It's like my monthly blog! *sweatdrop* Anyway, during the summer I plan to do some of the following: work (I need money!), learn much more Japanese, work heavily on my manga, and make my cosplay outfit for Otakon...

So, here's the question! What do you plan to do during this summer? If you were in school this year, are you done yet? I'm sure most of you have finished school for this year.... ^_^ Have a happy summer!! I say that like I won't see you until fall... But I swear, I'll be good and update somewhat frequently!! ;)

~dewa mata,

P.S. I was really worried about the rain yesterday... the forecast said a strong possibility for thunderstorms and rain, and we have our graduation outside. If it does rain, which it hasn't ever for my school, they have to do it inside in our small auditorium, which means only two people per graduate can watch. I really wanted my whole family to be there and luckily the rain held off until about an hour after the ceremony ended! We got lucky! Plus, it would have been a really bad omen >.<

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