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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

   Happy Pi Day and Happy White Day!!

Hello everyone! Nanika atta?! Hope you are all having a lovely Tuesday... ^_^; Well, I made a little "oekaki update" today, featuring four new pictures... Well, I wouldn't call them all "new" since the one was done in late January, another in early February, and the other two in recent weeks. Anyway, go check them out, if you will ^_^ I like getting votes and comment (Why do I always say this? It doesn't even seem to help... ^_^')

In a few days I'll add some non-oekaki art... *thinks of what she has* There's one of Goku from Saiyuki... one of a young Ed (FMA), and one of my OC Aki... All in copic. Maybe I'll do something else by the time I update...? Though, I don't have a lot of free time T_T

hmmm.... I don't know what else to say... *thinks* Nope, I got nothing.... *thinks harder* Nope, still got nothing... nada.. nunca... Soo... I will run off and do my homework *growls @ hw* Sorry I only talked about art-related stuff... oh well... So my boredom-inducing comments live on!!

dewa mata!


QUESTION: Do you like eating with chopsticks? Or.. can you, at least?!
I LOVE CHOPSTICKS!! I'm one of those people who can't eat Chinese food (or Japanese, Vietamese, etc.) without chopsticks!! My family all hold them wrong >.<

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