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Monday, March 20, 2006


I'm sure you guys have noticed the new layout!! LOL. I love red (to death) but figured it was time for change... (Change is a good thing, right?) And since I was due for a new layout, and had planned to change it soon... Then I found this awesome bg of Ed and had to put it up here! I like the blue, it's so much calmer them the red I usually have... Hope you guys like it! :) I'll probably be changing other things soon too, like my ava...

Anyway... Nothing much else to say.. I'll have to scan those pics and get them up here one of these days... But before I go.. just some thoughts on the new changes on theO...

Anyway... at first I was really confused with the new Protfolio thing.. I was like, "Where'd my link go?!" Then I found the Portfolio link... Seriously, I'm not adjusting very easily, I keep going to the bootom of the sites to check out the fanart >.<

I like the old way better, and I'm not saying that because of resistance to change... The links at the bottom were more direct.. Now, if you want to get to someone's fanart, you have to go to the portfolio, then the fanart... Plus, you don't know if the person has anything until you look at their portfolio... You could just be wasting your time, you know? With the bottom links, you knew exactly what and how many to expect.

Some good things about it are that you can see a member's total contributions... I bet some of the more active members' "bottom links" were a little out of hand. Also, I like how it keeps track of the amount of comments you've posted. However, I'd have to say that overall this change will not benefit us. It would be nice if they switch back... Or even better if they had both!

And what's the point of this "Permalink" thing? It seems needless to me, and is kind of annoying, cluttering up things... -_-;

Well, those are just my options, it's okay if you disagree ^_^ We all have our own thoughts and feelings... Okay, this is getting too long, so ja ne for now!! :)


Question: Do you like coffee? And which do you prefer, coffee or (hot) tea? What's your favorite kind?
I love coffee! Actually, mostly just the yummy flavored stuff... French Vanilla... Cappucino ^_^; Though I drink regular coffee too. I used to not like hot tea very much, but I do now! How 'bout you?

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