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Monday, August 9, 2004


Horoscope for Capricorn
09 Aug 2004
You could find yourself caught in a one sided relationship. You may want to take a trip; however, before you do, make sure that your car is serviced properly. Your charm will attract members of the opposite sex.

Kwiz.Biz Daily Horoscopes for your Blog

I decided to check this out after looking at Hinaru's site, and this is what I got for today, and it was rather humerous! Sure, I'd like to take a trip, but I don't have a car b/c I don't drive! Oh, and I'm sure my charm will suddenly attract members of the opposite sex just b/c my horoscope says so, LOL

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sorry I haven't posted.. heh, I've been busy with the little doggies ^_^' Well, they aren't *too* bad, but they still take a lot of time... meaning I don't get to go on the computer that much... So when I have to sit and watch them, I draw my manga ^_^ Though I need to add screen-tones on the computer, and I probably won't get a chance to do that until they're gone...

I am so tired.. all I feel like doing lately is sleep, hehee... I tell the dogs, "Shut up, I'm going to sleep!" LOL... so they just play with each other as I *try* to some more rest...

Anyway... Well, I don't know what else to say... hmm... I'm almost done my school assignment... just a few more questions to answer and like 20 more pages in the book, and I'll be done! But wait... then I have to write an essay! O yay! ...j/k...
Oh! And I read Saiyuki 3!! OMG! I want the fourth one! When does that come out? I don't know, but I'll hunt that info down :P

hmmm... I guess that was a pretty stupid and boring post.. sorry ^_^; deal with it though, b/c I've got nothing better, LOL .... hope everyone is having a good day :D :D :D

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Thursday, August 5, 2004

   erm.. help... me....

*whew* -_-" *sweatdrop*
umm... yeah... last night I got the dogs that I'm going to be baby-sitting... er, I mean, dog-sitting, for the next three weeks... One is a black Dachshund named Frank and the other is a 12 week old brindle Boxer puppy named Samson... They are both adorable and overly friendly... But they are driving me insane!! After only 12 hours with them here!! -_-"

Last night they didn't let me go to sleep until like 1 o'clock and this morning woke me up at like 5:30... and I never really went back to sleep since... At 7 I brought them outside to go to the bathroom, and I was instructed to play with them for like an hour and then feed them... So I tried to sleep on the sofa as they ran all around me... Then at 8 I fed them breakfast... I mean *tried* to feed them breakfast... Samson ate only half his food, while Frank ate nothing... I'm going to try again in a little bit...

They are both such whiners... I swear they crave attention like monkeys crave bananas -_-" I can't leave them alone for like a second, I swear... See, they're barking again... -_-" When I put Samson in his crate he barks and when I put them both in the kitchen where they are gated in, they bark... It's driving me insane...

Plus... they don't get along well with my dog... He keeps on growling at them... I know he thinks they're psycho for being so energetic... And Frank keeps attacking my birds... He runs along the cage hopping and barking... So I gotta keep him out of that room...

I'm going to die in the next three weeks, I can tell you that right now... But I'm getting paid! erm... Just trying to look on the brighter side of things... ^_^" Oh look, I'm being called *bark bark bark*

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Monday, August 2, 2004

   I'm baaack....

Actually I got back yesterday... except.. I slept most of the day, LOL... Otakon is exhausting! My feet still hurt... Anyway.. it's was really, really GREAT! It was SO AWESOME!! I want to go back!!

It's nice to see other crazy anime otaku, and so you don't feel odd at all! There's not a lot of people in real life that I talk to who love anime in the way I do, so going to one huge building filled with people who have a passion just like you.. it's nice ^_^

Me and my friend did a lot of shopping, LOL... I sat through a few panels and workshops... watched some anime music videos and such... and tried to stay away from the masses of people who wanted hugs -_-"

It was a lot of fun cosplaying ^_^ Many people asked to take a picture of us :D And it's fun when someone calls out your cosplay name... It's funny how well I responded to "Tenten"... Oh-- Once time when we were in the dealer's room, this guy was shouting "Ten Ten!" So I thought to myself, "is someone calling me?" And then he went on "DVDs for ten dollars!" I was like "Dude, stop confusing me!" And another time we were walking down the steps, and I half-heard some kid saying "Hey look, there's Nine-nine!" And when I realized what he was saying, I thought "Was that supposed to be funny?" LOL

Anyway... back to the cosplayers... There were a ton of them ^_^ Though, thankfully, I only saw like 3 or 4 other Ten-ten's... Though I was the best, LOL.. Cosplayers where isolated through the Inner Harbor, so it wasn't that odd to be walking around center Baltimore... HOWEVER... When we we going to Baltimore on Friday morning, we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts... and, well, of course me and my friend didn't want to get out wearing our costumes in Pennsylvania... But my mom and sister practically made us if we wanted something to eat, so I had to.. and I felt like such an idiot ^_^" Oh well, it was fun... sort of.

I'll stop with the rambling! Overall, OTAKON WAS AWESOME!! I will be going back there forevermore!! I swear!! If any of you get the chance to go to Otakon, or any con for that matter, definitely don't pass it up!! Konbanwa Otakon, but see you next year!! :D

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Friday, July 30, 2004

   I'm off....

damn, it's so early in the morning -_-"
So... yeah, yesterday my internet wasn't working, hence why I didn't post here or else where *kicks computer*
Well... It's off to Otakon for me!! Gotta go suit up in my Tenten gear, LOL... I hope it's a lot of fun, which I'm sure it will be!! See you guys on Sunday (since I'm only going for the first two days...) Take care everyone and be nice to my art in the meantime ;)

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Wednesday, July 28, 2004


bah... I feel like I'm talking to myself... LOL... No one has yet replied to my posts... I feel lonely... *calls out but no one replies* I guess I am talking to myself..

Erin: Say, Erin, what would you like to do today?
Erin: hmm... Well, I woudldn't mind taking a walk in the park...
Erin: Oh really? That sounds like a wonderful idea!
Erin: Yes, I know... I'm the one who thought of it...
Erin: Perhaps, but ya know... I AM you...
Erin: What? No way!
Erin Yes way... We are both the same person.. just talking to ourselves...
Erin: Really? How pathetic... -_-"

hahahaa... erm.. yeah... I have a head ache again... -_-" oh well... see you around.. or not...

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Well... I finished my DNAngel pic and submitted it!! ^_^ I really like how it turned out!!! It's so pretty... LOL... It took a while, but it was fun to do... I usually don't add borders around my pics, but I felt like it this time... And yes, the gold border is *supposed* to be off center... Anyway... I tried to make it as much like the original pic as I could... I'll try to go back and find the link to the pic *wanders into cyber space* Found it!! http://www.animanga.coolfreepages.com/dna.jpg Actually, the pic I drew from was this same pic but with the black border.. but I colored it according to this picture.

Well... if you haven't seen it yet, or the other new pics, please go check them out ^_^ Thanks! Comments are always appreciated!!

Oh!! And with the addition of my new pics, my overall rating has gone up to 83%!! Wow!! And I'm currently number one one the Top Ten Artist List!! That's insane!! I never thought that would happen!! Thanks to all of you guys that support me and my artwork!!

Well, I should get to work... I haven't done any non-art, productive things yet today, and it's already 2 o'clock... *when did that happen??* Well, I'm off to see the Wizard.. the wonderful Wizard of OZ... *don't know where that came from ^_^"

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   Scanner Enlightenment

Well... my scanner's still acting weird, but if I open the program in a different way (the long way -_-") it'll scan.. if I don't, it'll begin to scan and freeze up... So, I have the tricks to getting it to work!! XD

Soo... I scanned my pics, and I was CGing til like 1 o'clock last night.. I decided to stop and finish the DNAngel pic today...

In the meantime... I posted my Kira pic and an old Yugi pic... I love my Kira pic!! Yay!! hehee... *is an odd and overly-excited person when it cmes to Kira* As for my Yugi pic.. I was looking at some of the folders on this computer (I don't use this one that much) and it was there... Even though I drew it like last year, it still looks good to me, so I posted it ^_^

Well... check out the new pics ^_^ I'll be working on the other one now....

Otakon update: My friend is coming over tonight to work on the costumes with my a little... I got to get the sizing right for her shoes and such... I don't want to make them and have them not fit!! That would be HELL!! So... yeah... I should get back to working on the other pics... ^_^ See ya all around :)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


hmm... not much going on today... I suddenly not feel so good... headache go away!! It's okay, I'll be fine ^_^

Grrrr.... My scanner's hooked back up to the computer, but it's not working, it's EVIL!! I just drew a Kira Yamato pic... I really like it ^_^ I want to scan it, but no scanner -_-" I'll show it to you guys as soon as I can... And I need to scan my DNANgel pic to CG it... once again, no scanner -_-"

hmm...I worked a little bit on the costumes.. Still some more to do, but just little things... 3 more days til OTAKON!! ^_^

Not much else to say... I worked a little bit on my summer assignment for school... I read a good bit of the book last night.. I have a very low tolerance for the book, but at least last night it was somewhat interesting.. so I read as much as I could make myself since I know I'll lose my interest in the stupid political stuff it talks about...

Well... that's it, I guess... Hope everyone is having a good day :D

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Saturday, July 24, 2004


*yawn* just woke up... I wanted to post the fan art I made late last night... Since I currently can't use my scanner, I made something completely in Photoshop... I suck at drawing on the computer, so the drawing's a little off... It's a pic of Daisuke and Dark from DN Angel...At least I like the effects I added... Go check it out! It's uploaded! :P

Other than that... I finished my pair of ninja shoes yesterday... Once I was done the first one (which tooks a few hours -_-") the second one was easy to do... The hardest part was just planning out what to do. Though they're a little hard to walk in b/c the cloth in the back likes to ride down the foot..though I'm trying to figure out something I can do to fix that ^_^ Still have to make a pair for my friend.. That's what I'll be doing today...

hmmm... Well.... I guess that's it ^_^" Check out my new fan art... I can't wait til my scanner's hooked up again... :D

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