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Friday, February 17, 2006

   Picturas Nuevos....

Yup, some new pics... two yesterday, two today... all done with copic markers (other than the bg on the Ed pic). Two Yukis, a Kyo, and a pirate Ed! lol. Please check them out! I love them very much and hope you will too!

Copic markers are awesome! Totally worth the money, even if they make you broke >.< Though they are a pain to use sometimes , esecially if you are rushing. But the colors are very vivid and great to color anything! :D

Anyway... I can't think of anything else to say... (Am I that boring?) Well, we have a four day weekend, so I have time to work on my AP Art... >.< I need to do a lot of painting, I'm going to die -_-"

Oh! Last week we got lots of snow! (it's all basically melted by now T_T) I had so much fun in it! I LOVE SNOW! On Sunday I made a HUGE snowman and a little snowdog... It's the first time I ever made a "real" snowman... All my others were tiny >.< Then I went prancing in the park... that is, I ran around in the park ^_^; and on Monday after school me and a few of my friends built forts and had a snowball fight... all these little kids came and joined in, lol. It was fun :D

I want it to snow again! And last! It's been too hot for the snow to stay... I love snow! Though, I couldn't move properly for four days afterwards. My legs ached like anything! I'm better now though :D

Question: Which season do you prefer? Summer or Winter? (You can like Spring or Autumn too!)
I obviously like winter the most, if you couldn't tell....

So... I guess that's all there is to tell... Please check out my new pics! Arigatou! Votes and comments make me happy! (B/c I have no life) Later...

ja mata!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

   New Art and New Tools

As you may know (I don't know if you know or not...) I have updated three new pictures. Please go check them out! All three are in pencil; two are of my own original characters; the other is a random character; and all three would love if you voted and commented on them =^_^= And YES! They aren't oekaki! They are hand-drawn things... not that oekakis aren't "hand-drawn", but you know what I mean...

So, anyway... yesterday I finally got my order of Multiliner pens!! I also got lots of manga papers and a few screentone tools (even though I don't have any screentones >.<) The pens are awesome-- so smooth! I was having fun with them yesterday... I drew a fanart of Kyo (Sohma from FB) and soon will do one of Yuki too (maybe Tohru, too?) AND... I shall color them with... dun, dun, dun.... COPIC MARKERS! I have wanted these things for over a year, and I finally ordered them today >.< So, a set of 36 markers will be on it's way soon. I couldn't help myself.. I've wanted them for soooo long, and my Kyo pic make me just want to buy them now! hah!

So, needless to say, I'll be adding some new colored non-oekaki fanart in the next few weeks. In the meantime, maybe some more oekakis?! hahah!

Also, now that I've gotten the tools (hooray!) I can actually start drawing my manga!! YAY! I've been only planning out layouts til now (about 50 some pages are done) due to lack of supplies.... Not that this means much to anyone for now, since I won't be releasing it on the internet, sorry! I plan to get it published, so I won't be putting it online. (Maybe a preview eventually?) But, if-- no WHEN, it's published you can read it!! I would appreciate all of the support! Thanks!

Go check out those pics ;) Thanks everyone! Arigaotu gozaimasu! Sorry for blabbering on and on... >.< Have a good day!! (I have so much crap to do...)

ja ne!

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

   Hisashiburi.... Long time no see....

Hello everyone! Sorry for not updating for a while... I'm still online all the time.... I just don't have much to say, or the time to say it in. Buuuutt... Today I have written-- So, don't say I never do anything!

Anyway, I have posted up three new pictures today... all oekakis... SORRY! gomen nasai! All I do anymore is oekaki! It's not my fault! I'm addicted!! Sorry that I have allowed my portfolio to be overtaken with oekakis.

HOWEVER... I will put up a few pieces of tradition art, in this case pencil, within the next few days. I just don't have the time to draw by hand anymore with school and all, plus it's a pain to get things scanned.... That's why oekakis are just easier. But look forward to those coming up soon! And please go and vote and comment on the pics I just added (or any you haven't voted on yet! ;) ) And... be nice!! (You know what I mean!)


Anyway, I am going to have a short tribute to online manga!! If you are looking to read some good, original online manga, created by anime-fans like yourselves, look no further!! Please check out the following mangas and support the artists!!

-- I Love You Nante Totemo Ienai by Naru: A wonderfully cute shojo in the high school setting. Characters include the foxy and upbeat Naru, the obsessive and outgoing Akito, and the quiet and handsome Hitomi. Will Naru be able to love again, after meeting Hiromi? And what about her "boyfriend" Akito?! Great art with a classical love story! Don't miss it!

--Wayrift by Syntyche & Aywren: A great fantasy-type manga with the battling forces of good and evil! A manga based off of Final Fantasy IV, the plot incorporates many loved characters from the game and many solid, original characters! Don't need to be a fan of FFIV to understand or enjoy this manga! (I know, I've never played it!) On it's 17th chapter!! Beautiful art, updated weekly!

Also check out Wayrift's full-colored, sister-manga, Shimmer!

--Cursed Wings by Hiromi: This shojo manga starts off as a cute love story between a sensative, yet spunky girl named Aira and the super-smart and athletic Yuito. Aira is specal, however, and sprouts wings that can heal people. This manga gets uber-dark when a striking event blows the reader's head off! Just found this one a few days ago, excellent manga! Awesome artwork, check it out!!


If you know of any good manga online, with good art and interesting plot (I like almost anything!) I would appreciate the heads up!!

Before I sign off... I would just like to address one of my ultimate pet peeves... *Jeopardy music plays* Three Two One, here it is--- people who comment on art here at theOtaku... but don't VOTE!! If you like it so much, how hard is it to push a button!! If you really like the artist and want to support them, vote on their work!! Comments are nice and all-- I love them very much-- but comments don't matter unless they have the votes to back them up! Votes matter more than comments do.. and in this day and age, at least to my perception, it seems no one votes anymore... Every vote matters!! And I seriously keep track... so, I know if you didn't vote, hahahh!!

Ok, anyway... *hopes people weren't freaked out* That's enough typing for now... PLEASE go check out my new art!! And those mangas too, if you are interested!! Everyone have a nice day!! =^_^= ja ne.


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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

   Meri Kurisumasu

Meri Kurisumasu! Hisashiburi! (Long time no see!) yeah.. I've been really busy with school.... bah >.< I have hardly anytime for anything, and even my winter break will be swamped with schoolwork (Why have a break at all?!) So, sorry I haven't been on here for a long time... Maybe some of you remember me? And to those who never knew me before, "Konnichiwa!"

umm... I'll be adding two new oekakis in a moment, so go check them out! I've had NO TIME to do any conventional artwork (other than for art class)!!! It's sad when you don't even have time to draw... and now my manga is suffering because of it... But, please go check out the new art :)

Along the same lines... recently I have been voted down :( It's saddening, really... I was at a 84% and just reach 85% for once, and then like two days later, I was at 81%... that is some serious hating :( It makes me sad... I just got my rating up to a decent level again and then some people come along, and BAM! So... be nice...

Anyway... Everyone, have a nice holiday! Whatever holiday it is! =^_^= Hopefully I'll be around during the break a little, with some new art, but... most likely... *trails off*

Merri Kurisumasu!!!

Here's a cute GS/GSD Christmas fanart that I found!! heheh

(NOTE: This is not mine! I take no credit for it ^_^; I just thought it was cute :3)

...ja ne!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

   New Layout (and Flamers)

Well... I changed my site layout (finally)... I've been wanting to, and well-- here it is.

I found the bg pic online and loved how awesome it was... so I tweeked it up a bit and modified the site... I'm pretty pleased with it, but I'll most likely be changing and adding little things here and there in the near future...

Well, tell me what you think!! And don't forget to read my post below ;)

P.S. These haters are pissing me off :( My rating has been steadily declining today... it's saddening... Someone avenge me, please. lol. >.<

(It's not just the fact that they are voting "no" to my pics [probably for to reason], but they don't say why. If they did that, they wouldn't be flaming me, more like critiquing me. I wouldn't be so angry at that....)

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   New Oekakis

Konnichiwa everyone!! Nanika atta? O-genki desu ka? I haven't updated in a while... I've been busy with school and stuff and very lazy when it comes to internet updating... I do check TheO everyday, but I just don't feel like posting or even replying to other people's blogs even though I read them... lol, sorry...!

ummm... Let's see, in any case, I had a four-day-weekend!! YAY! It wasn't that great though, unfortunately... I wasted a lot of time. I spent a lot of time helping my sister with her new room... She's moving out and into my grandmom's house, and I've been helping her put beds and shelves together, sand walls and floors, etc... my muscles ache now, lol.

On another note, I've added some new art works recently, all oekakis... they are addicting! LOL. If you haven't seen then, feel free to check them out... (PLEASE?! Onegai shimasu!) Some of the newer ones include: Shinn Asuka, Edward Elric, and Goku (Saiyuki). (Someone recently went around and voted down some of my art... that makes me sad :( ... and mad, grrr... -_-")

I forgot to mention... yesterday I went to an archery range with a few of my friends!! It was awesome... the place was nothing spectacular, but just being able to shoot was so much fun :D It would be awesome to actually do archery as a sport, but I don't think that'll happen anytime soon... I'd love to do kyudo!! OMG! (bad thing is, though, I'm left-handed >.<) I hope to go back to this place again soon!

Well, my break's almost over and I still have some homework to do seeing that I didn't have time in previous days to do it >.< Well, hope you are all doing well! See ya around soon ^_^

dewa mata!

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

   UPDATE: Profile Working!!!!

Forget what I said ealier!! Someone did something to my Profile page, and it works now!! OMG! I love you, whoever did this! This is awesome! Thank you so much! I'm glad I finally got a response! *happy happy* DOMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!!!! Thank you so much TheO staff!

*goes to play with her profile* Hopefully it will work forevermore!! *prays*

Enough of my ranting... please ignore this post, and read the next one! heheh ^_^;


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New Pic...

Hey everyone! How is your weekend going? Mine has been rather... uneventful... But I hope you guys are all having fun!

It rained ALL DAY yesterday...! It was crazy... It's *supposed* to pretty much rain all week, but no rain today, and the forecast seems to be getting a little bit better for the next few days...

Anyway! Now, to the point of this post! I posted a new pic (the one I said I would). It's a CG of Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed... Kira is my ultimate favorite anime character!! I love him to death... LOL

Anyway, I had lots of fun with the coloring of this CG. The words "Ima Kono Shunkan Ga Subete" mean "Now, This Moment is Everything" and that is the title to Kira's image song. I love this song! It's awesome! Gundam Seed has some of the best music!

Soo.. please go and chek out my pic!! Okie? Do it or else!! (Or else what?... You Die!! okay, maybe not, but it would be a nice thing to do!) I made it as a wallpaper for my computer! Yay! It replaced this really cool one of Ed (FMA) though... :( I think I'm going to play around with this image and make it my bg from this site... I WISH I COULD CHANGE MY PROFILE!!! I've e-mailed TheO many times about my problem... and no reply! Ever! That makes me sad... :'(

Anyway... Have a good week everyone!! And check out my pic! Now! LOL... Random, but has anyone else noticed the decline of voting in general since like several months ago? It seems like no one votes anymore... :(

Ja mata!

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Wednesday, October 5, 2005


It's been a while... I'm here! I just don't post much... There's not much to write about...

School has been so-so... Lately it has been boring, sigh... But we had a half-day today! So at least I got some extra free time!

I'm about to make a new manga order! I can't wait for get Hana-Kimi 8! I love this series! It's awesome... very comical!

I was working on a Kira fanart pic... It's a CG... I'm about half-way done.. I should be posting that and maybe some other things by next week.

I feel like I'm in an artist block or something... I can't draw! I don't know why!! Everything I draw looks like crap! Okay, maybe not everything, but recently, I feel like that about a lot things I draw... It's irritating! This happens sometimes.. I can't draw what I want (it comes out horrible!) Oh well.. I'll keep working at it...

Anyway.. I'm finally posting a pic from Otakon. It's me as Mei Lin (purple) and my friend as Alice (red/wht with the bunny Nyozeka!) from Alice 19th... My costume started falling apart the first day! Though I fixed it when I got back to the hotel room with my handy-dandy glue gun... I'm weird, but I go into phase about my costume... I used to love it, but around con-time, I started hating it.. I don't like it much now (it could be way better)... My costume next year will be better!

Anyway... what do you think? I enjoy making outfits and cosplaying... but sewing gets me angry sometimes! argh! LOL...

So... Hope everyone has been having a good week? What's been going on? I want to take a nap! lol. >.<

dewa mata suguni ne!!

(click for larger image)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

   First Day of School

Today was my first day of school... senior year... nothing too eventful. It still seems like it is last year, LOL. I have basically all of the same teachers, and some of my classes are the same blocks as they were last semester... Plus, I already felt like I was in school with all my summer work... >.<

First block... POD (Problems of Democracy) I'm not a big fans of history/government classes... and since it's first block I'll probably want to zone out a lot... The teacher is pretty demanding, but you learn stuff in there, and with everything going on with Katrina, I'll probably learn a lot about the economy today...

Second Block... Art class.. yay! Theres only 7 people in this class... all who were in my class last semester. This class is Art III (the highest Art course), but I'm incorporating AP Art into it... so, I should be quite busy in there...

Third Block... AP Calculus. A pretty big classes (My Pre-Calc class was huge last year), and even though I really like math, parts of this course will definitely be hard ^_^; But that's okay...

Lunch... My school has a lot new students coming in (huge Freshman class -_-", and they are changing lots of things to keep them and the failing Freshman under control... yes, there are quite a lot of returning Freshman.. oh my) Anyway, they added more tables to the cafeteria, and the table me and my friends sit at changed into a table with metal folding chairs (instead of ones with seats attaached)... a little odd, but it's okay.. beats last year, the last two weeks of school, the stool-thing me and my friend sat on broke (not b/c of us!), and we had to sit somewhere else everyday...

Fourth Block... AP English... Same teacher and all (I only have one new teacher this semester), but my class is rather small... 13 people, but maybe that's better. We didn't do much today, though I still have some of the summer work to finish for this class ^_^; (Luckily the due-dates were extended!)

And so ends an eventful day... However, the school has been having lots of problems with schedules this year... I went to the school yesterday to make sure everything was alright (since they didn't mail me my schedule, -_-") It was fine... But I learned today that the guidance counselor changed something on it (for no reason), so I don't know exactly what he did to my second semester... *sigh* I'll have to find out...

Anyway.. That's about it... Though I got my order of a bunch of manga books!! ($100 worth, haha... can you tell I'm obsessed?) I'm reading Hana-Kimi 6 now, then going onto 7.. Hana-Kimi is so AWESOME! I also have Saiyuki Reload 1 and D.N.Angel 9 to read! Yay! Sooo... hope you all are well! See you later! Ja mata!!


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