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Thursday, April 13, 2006

   Spring Break!!

nyah! I haven't posted for like a month!! Ok, it's more like 2.5 weeks, but still a long time either way... Before the break I was too busy doing school work to contribute much to TheO... I've lately been too lazy to comment on other people's posts! Sorry! I do read them though!

Spring break has been ok so far, I guess... Though, it's Thursday already!!! O.O OMG! And have so much school work to do >.< Like a million questions for English and a practice test for the AP Calc exam... Plus, I have so much stuff to paint for AP Art... After May 5th all my AP stuff will be over!! O.O (But that means taking the exams too)

I don't remember exactly what I did last Friday... Well, on Sautrday I went to a reception thing at the college I'm going to next year, Tyler School of Art. We had a tour and went through the (small ^_^) campus and saw all of the different departments, like-- glass-blowing, ceramics, printmaking, fibers, painting, photography, jewelry making, etc... They have so much intersting stuff there! It's going to be fun, even though it's be hard and I'll be sleep-deprived... -_-'

Not much on Sunday... Then Monday I basically slept all day! lol... How ironic, today I couldn't slept at all O.O I painted some for AP Art on Tuesday.... Yesterday I spent 8 hours painting O.o 6 hours of it was working on my mural for my "senior project"-- a class where every senior has to send 30 hours doing some sort of job-shadowing. Then I went to stage crew for 2 hours and painted there... I have to go to stage crew again today...

After stage crew, me and my sister went to the gym... She has a membership there and I went on a guest pass. The guess pass is only for three days, but the guy let us slip in and out without checking me in ;) So I can get an extra day... It was fun... We ran on the elipiticals (sp?) for 40 mins, then did a few weight-lifting machines for the arms and legs... My arms hurt now >.<

gyah! I've been rambling on about nothing for so long! Gomen! I should do more painting again today >.< I wanted to finish watching Gundam Seed Destiny over break, (I've seen like half of it, and the DVDs are sitting on my shelf) but I don't think that's going to happen T_T See you all later! I'm off to make an egg omelette! YUM! :3

~dewa mata!

QUESTION: Have you had your spring break already? Or do you have it now like I do? Or do you not get a break at all? O.O

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