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Friday, July 23, 2004

   new colors?

I was bored with my site and changed the colors... how do you like them? Are they too bold? Oh well... they'll probably stay this way for a while... ^_^"

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   bored yet busy...

Kinda tired and bored... though I *should* be working on more Otakon stuff... Like the ninja shoes!! I don't know how to make them, so it's gonna be really hard!! And other than that I still have to sew more thigs too... *whew* Cosplaying is hard work -_-" I finally got my Naruto head protector today..! It was ordered from Hong Kong, so I was afriaid it won't get here in time for the convention...

Still reading lots of manga... ^_^ Oh, and I have some fan art I did and want to CG, but we're currently re-doing our computer room, so my scanner's not hooked up to a computer right now... :( So I have to wait to scan it -_-"

I was looking at the Top Ten Artist list, and for a brief second I got confused, but then I realized that my rating went up to 82%! I was surprised and very happy ^_^ I try to keep track, but it's kinda hard, but I think someone voted up most or all of my pics.. Thank you who ever that was, and thanks to everyone else who have voted on my pics as well! ^_^

I didn't do much yesterday... I had to go to my cousin apartment and give her some old furniture we didn't want anymore... Boy, I was busting some sweat ^_^" She's on the second floor, and carrying big desks up the steps wasn't too easy -_-" I want to relax today, but I gotta work on costumes... One week from now I'll be at Otakon!! WOOT!!

Anyway.. see ya all around :D

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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

   hum didi hum

yeah, well... I'm still here... though it may not seem like it ^_^" I check up on the new fan art everyday... so... yeah. There's not much to talk about though...

All I've been doing lately is working and working my the costumes for Otakon... In 9 days!! Ahhh! Must... finish... costumes...
I know I've said this already, but I'll say it again as a reminder ^_^" I'm going as Ten-ten from Naruto and my friend's going as Sakura from Naruto... We're going to have lots of fun being NINJA!! LOL

Well... I pretty much made my friend's entire costume.. Though I made her cut the fabric since I don't like to, LOL... I don't mind making it though, and she even said she'd pay me ^_^" The other day though I accidently made a cut on part of the dress!! WAHH!! I feel horrible about it and I have to think of a good way to fix it -_-"

But I'm pretty much done the Sakura outfit, and I finished my Ten-ten shirt last night... though I need to do some touch ups on both of them. I still have to make the pouches for both of us (both the one on their leg and the tan one they carry on the back of their pants)... as well as make the shoes... We bought sandals that I'm gonna paint and cover in fabric to make them NINJA SHOES!! lol...

Since I've been so busy, I haven't drawn much.. other than my manga, which I've been working on a lot lately... It's a long process though, especially when your poor like me and don't have the right tools!! Wah! LOL...

And I've been reading a lot of manga lately too!! My friend let me borrow them (Since I'm poor!) I read the second DNAngel today, the first one yesterday... And I read Kill Me Kiss Me 1 yesterday (or was that the day before?) And Eerie Queerie 1 the day before that... And then last week sometime I read Demon Diary 1 and Crescent Moon 1... And I love them all!! It's no fair cuz I don't have the money to buy them!! LOL... I'm saving up for Otakon ^_^ But my friend got Crescent Moon 2, Kill Me Kiss Me 2, and Eerie Queerie 2... so I get to read them soon!! But I want more DNAngel!! And Saiyuki!! *sulks in pathetic poor-ness*

Damn, I can whip through graphic novels so quickly nowadays... It's like I start them and... whoop... I'm done ^_^"

Anyway... sorry I haven't been posting much! Busy, busy!! Well... see you guys later :)

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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


umm... *looks around* Where's everybody? Have you all left me? I'm still here! *waves hands* LOL ^_^"
I've been around here, checking up on things... but not too talkative, obviously :P

I've been working on costumes for me and my friend for Otakon at the end of July... I'm really excited.. It'll be my first convention ^_^ I'm going as Ten-ten from Naruto, and my friend's going to be Sakura from Naruto ^_^ We get to be NINJA!! hahaa... anyway...
I was playing around and was bored, and felt like coloring something, so I ended up coloring my old Kakashi pic... I like how it turned out though. It's only my second time taking a pencil sketch and coloring it in CG... It's a lot different then coloring black and white things ^_^
Anyway... go vote on it! Hope everyone's been having a good summer!

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Sunday, July 4, 2004

   Back from the Wine Country....

hmm... don't ask why I said it like that, but when we first got into Canada a sign said "Welcome to Canada: The Wine Country" ... so, yeah...
*waves* I'm back everyone!! I got back late last night... well, actually very early this morning, at like 12:30... Anyhoo... Happy 4th of July everybody!!! It sucks... my town always has a 4th of July parade and fireworks, but instead of doing them today, they did them yesterday... And I wasn't here, still coming home from Canada...So we missed them and everything else as well, so today didn't feel like the 4th of July without them :(

Anyway... Canada was lots of fun... though the cars rides took about 9 or 10 hours, not including stops... So, Tuesday was basically the car ride... It was fun though... My family is crazy and goofy, so it was entertaining mostly ^_^ I read some manga too... We drove north through Pennsylvania and part of New York, then went west through NY and around Lake Ontario to Toronto, which is right on the Lake.

On Wednesday... *thinks* We went around the city... Mostly we stopped by the Air Canada Center, where the Toronto Maple Leafs play... My grandmom and sis are big hockey fans... I like hockey and all, but... not like they do... oh, I forgot to say... Since I live right near Philadelphia, me and my family are big Flyers fans, so we all wore Flyers shirts the entire day... The Maple Leafs and the Flyers are big rivals ^^ so we got a lot of comments :P We also went to the Hockey Hall of Fame... a museum... what's there to say? I think that's all we bascally did that day for reviewing's sake...

Thursday... was Canada Day!! Canada's Independence Day... We didn't plan to be there then, but it was cool that we were... ^_^ That day we went on the CN Tower... it's the tallest building in the world... something like 1,815 feet and 5 inches tall... yes, I remember the 5 inches part ;) We went up to the big area where you can look at the city... it was really cool. Oh yeah, the elevator goes up in like 58 seconds... boy, do your ears pop :P
Then we went on a boat tour that went to the Toronto Islands.. a big patch of 15 or so islands a little bit off of Toronto. We didn't have much time there... but they have a lot on the islands, even an amusement park! :) I missed the petting zoo!! LOL That made me sad :( ... :P I put my feet in Lake Ontario!! The water was really cold though -_-"
ummm... That was basically that day...

Friday... We went to Casa Loma, which is a castle in the middle of Toronto... It wasn't that big, but it was very pretty ^_^ We went downtown again and bought more souvenirs -_-" I had no money, so the many hours of shopping we did total wasn't too fun for me... ;)
Friday night we saw Spiderman 2 ^_^ It's fun to say to peple that I saw Spiderman 2 in Canada :P Anyway, it was an AWESOME AWESOME movie!! Makes me kind of mad that I only say the last 2o minutes randomly a long time ago of the first movie... Oh well, it wasn't too much that wasn't easy to follow... Anyway, I loved the movie, it was incredible!! I love Tobey Maguire!! He's so cute and awesome! I loved him in Seabiscuit too ^_^ Now I have to go watch Spiderman 1...

Saturday... or yesterday... was, yet again, mostly another road trip... We stopped at Nigara Falls for a few hours... It's soo beautiful there :) I took like a thousand pictures, LOL... We went on the Maid of the Mist... a boat that goes into the falls... you get completely soaked ^_^ It felt good b/c it was really hot and I was cooking like a tomato under the sun and got mad sunburn... *ouch* it hurts to lift my arm -_-"
Then.... another long drive home... It went a little faster than the way up... ^_^

Well.. it was a really great trip... lots of fun... ^_^ Canada is a pretty cool place :) I'll tell you one thing, there were sooo many different cultures there, and so many people speaking different languages!! It was cool ^_^ When we were leaving the hotel room to go onto the elevator, there was a French couple, and when they got off the women said "Bonjour" and sonething, something, something... And then she said Bonjour again as she walked passed, and I was like, "Bonjour!" ^_^" LOL (I'm not much of a French person.. don't like it much -_-") Toronto was not the nicest looking city, but a lot of the people we talked to were really nice... except for the drivers there... they were really rude, LOL. Well... need to rest now... though I don't have much time to rest... must get working on Otakon stuff!

See you guys later!! Hope you guys had an enjoyable week as well, and a good 4th of July :D

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Monday, June 28, 2004

   And Away I Go....

Off to the north, my friends... Tomorrow morning I shall be on my way to Canada... And I shall not return until the 3rd of July ^_^ So in the meantime, do good art, be nice, and don't miss me too much (haha, like someone would miss me :P) Anyway... please, no massive changes to my ratings, PLEASE!? I'd much prefer to come back with no negitive surprise, ya hear that?
Soooo..... so long my friends!!

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

   Sanzo Colored Posted ^_^

Yay, the Fan Art is back up, so I finally got to post my finished Genjyo Sanzo picture!! I really love it and it took a loong time to color... The funny thing is that it doesn't seem like it has a lot of color, but it still took forever to color it in, LOL... ^_^"
arggh... Some jerk already vote 'no' (as the pic's first vote).... God, people are so stupid -_-" It especially annoys me becase the first 10 votes are the most critical... Oh well, why let it get to me ^_^'
Sooo... anyway... if you haven't checked it out yet, go vote and comment!! Talk to you all later :D

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Thursday, June 24, 2004


What is up with TheOtaku? The thumbnails aren't working and many, many pics have been mulitply posted, which I sense has do to problems in the submitting page.
I have my Sanzo pic colored and finish and I can't wait to post ti!! Except, I have to, because I'm not going to post it while the thumbnails aren't working... I hope they work this soon b/c I really want to post my pic!!!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

   Sanzo Released...

I put up my pic of Sanzo... man, I was working on that all day... but I told you I was going to draw, didn't I? LOL Color version will be coming soon! I hope it turns out awesome :) It' reference from the cover of the first volume... Of course, I could not've drawn this without the beautiful work of Kazuya Minekura!! Anyway... go vote and I shall be coloring the pic soon!! ^_^

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Well... I'm happy to inform you that great things have been happening for me around the Otaku! I have over 1000 total votes and with an overall rating of 78% *it was 79 f0r a while, but... :( * I have currently been on the Top Artists List, and let's keep it that way, LOL... And I have over 315 visits and nearly 40 guestbook entries... Soo... Thanks everyone for your support!! ^_^ It's nice to show your art and get positive feedback, especially on the internet since there's such a vast audience :) So, thanks again!
Other than that.. not much has been happening... Me and my "Anime Buddy" as I call her, went shopping on Saturday for our materials to make costumes for Otakon in Baltimore at the end of July!! She's going as Sakura from Naruto and I'm going as Ten Ten from Naruto... I've only made one other piece of clothing before, so making my outfit should prove challenging! And my friend has never used a sewing machine, so I most likely will be helping her a lot ^_^" It should be a lot of fun though, esp. since we get to be ninja! NINJA!
Oh, and while we were out, we went to Borders and I got the first two volumes of Saiyuki! yay! So cool! I'm almost done the second one... I love Goku, he's so cute ^_^ And all of the guys are cool, too. I wonder how many volumes they have out in English? Well, now I'm broke and I have to save up for Otakon!! I did save up and then I blew like a third of my money -_-" heh heh...
Oh... I don't know if I had mentioned this at all, but I'm going to Canada in one week ^_^ Yay! It should be lots of fun :) I have been there before, when I was 8, LOL. I forget how long we're staying.. Like 5 days? hmm... but yes, I will be away from the 29th, I believe, to the 3rd. And then 4th of July!! ^_^ Wow... The year is going by quickly, ne? ...Well, only in some aspects...
umm... yeah.. I'm probably boring you all... :P So, I will go. I should draw something... Maybe something from Saiyuki? We'll see ^_^

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