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Saturday, June 4, 2005

Ack, i should probably be asleep ~_~ T'is 5am here haha, but i ain't tired for some reason. Meh, ahh well.

Didn't do much, just bugged Amy and Mum the whole day X3 That's always fun to do yo! They don't mind, they always just laugh at me, Amy smacked me with a knife earlier XD No she wasn't trying to kill me, i was doing something when she was trying to make dinner or something like that, and out of reflex she swatted my hand away, unfortantly for me she had a knife in her hand so i ended up with a nice little cut across my hand XD I don't mind, it didn't hurt and she didn't mean it. Just made me think..."never bug Amy when she has sharp objects in her hands" XD

Atm the family is all worried about our lil bunny, Taffy. Poor thing seems to have everything wrong with her. Her tears dudts(sp?)..well, something's wrong with them, so her eyes are constantly gunky and she seems to cry alot (this can happen to both animals and humans). Also her teeth have out grown and apperantly pierced her bottom lip.

Amy is now crying and sobbing, blaming herself for all that's happening to Taffy. But she hasn't let this happen on purpose, we are LOW on money, and Vet's bills are a hell of alot. Luckily i think i managed to calm her down some, i have some strange infinate knowledge on animals (my aunt turned me into an animal freak) and calmly explained to her some of what's happening. Taffy's going to the Vet today to get her teeth filed down, hopefully things will get better from there. But seems we won't be there to see the result of the whole thing, Amy says she's giving Taffy to the PDSA or something. Guilt riden and trying to give Taffy a better life has led to that decision.

Hehe, talking about Taffy reminds me of something. Amy had bought some carrot stick things for Taffy, and well, just read this:

Me: I wonder if they actually taste like carrots?
Amy: *Jokingly* I dunno, why don't you try.
Me: Ok! *Munches half of one*
Amy: O.O; Gross, i was only joking!
Me: It tastes like Holy bread XD (i've had it before so i do know the taste).

They actually didn't taste bad XD Don't mind me, i have a strange tendancy to try weird things. Like when me and Shane snapped off some branches and chewed on them, funny after-taste. And when someone told me to eat some of my cats biccy's, they're nasty >.>

I'm glad so many of you like the song, as i said, it is slightly religious, but you wouldn't know that unless you've seen the lyrics, so guess what i did? Went and found you people the translated lyrics ^^

"Oh, this higher life, the wisdom.
I bow to the voice of god.
Bless the man who bears the temptation.
For he shall find his redemption from above.
Lord, so devine, have mercy.
Oh, how pure, how clear, how kind, how beautiful.
Oh, lily of chastity."

I think this is for the Elfen Lied version, so there might be more too it in my extended version, also, not sure if this is 100% accurate, since i found several other translations that were slightly different to this one. But, they're all basically the same. Anyway, have fun people <33 Love ya'll!

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