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Friday, June 3, 2005

Well, new theme hehe. I watched the whole series of Elfen Lied a few days ago ^.^ Seriously, it was like 6am before i went to bed >.> That anime is gripping i tell ya that. I kept saying "Ok, after this episode, i'm going to bed" needless to say, i watched em all XD And i love it! That anime is fucking brillant i tell ya! Blood, boobies and more blood. I would think the anime is for adults or for people with a strong stomach. I <3 Lucy, she rules.

Last Exile is about 75% done, so should be done in half a day. Unfortantly i won't be here for that long XD I'm going up to my mum's house for the weekend, my sister Amy (who for those who don't know me, went up to Uni a long while back and can only visit every so often) is up there so i'm guna go bug her XD

Ohh, and sorry if the song bugs you or whatever ^^; I love it though, when i sent Amy this, she was like "Wtf is this?". It's latin, and it's slightly religious, but you can't tell unless you get the translated lyrics so that doesn't really matter haha X3 But i find it very beautiful indeed.

Made a shit load of icons, and after this weekend (that's when the icontests i entered will finish up their voting and stuff) i will post them up to LJ and give ya'll a link. That and i'm writing a one-shot Jou/Kai fic ^^;; Me and Undevoted at LF got this sweet lil thing on where we make a theme per week and write a story to try and fit the theme. This week's theme is sex XD Well what do you expect from me ^.~ no hating Sephy just cos she's a puppyshipper.

Anyway, hope the new theme doesn't take too long to load, and if the text is hard to read, tell me so, i hate when i can't make heads or tails of other people's updates (through it being hard to see) so i wouldnt want mine to be like that ^^

Ohh and Sw33tz hun, if you read this, thank you soo much for the codes *huggles* took me forever to work them out, but i did ^^ But unfortantly i still can't get the changin the scroll-bar colour to work ~_~ Everytime i post it in Post Styles or Edit Profile it eats away half my site. What do ya think i'm doing wrong?

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