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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.
Hello people! Damn i seriously don't update enough do i >.> Well i couldn't over the weekend even if i wanted too. I was at my mum's house, and her computer is completely dead, the stupid thing won't even turn on haha.

As you can see, new theme! I love this piccy, i found it (amoung with some other very nice anime pictures) and decided to had to be my next theme ^.^

I finally saw Secret Window. I've been wanting to see it since it came out in the cinema, which was bloody ages ago! I rented it out with mum, along with Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon Dynamite does not have a freakin' plot haha! Anyway, i like Secret Window, another one of those films where there's a funky twist at the end. I love movies like that. And the plus is Johnny Depp is the main character ^.~ And i found something out, he has morning hair like me XD It's everywhere!

Anyway, i have been making lots of junk, but i can't be bothered to post them up now o.o;; i'm being lazy. Now off i go to read your updates >.>

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