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Friday, May 13, 2005

I'll lean on you, and you'll lean on me, and we'll be okay
You know what? For the first time in a very long time, i'm truely happy. I seriously am. I feel so light inside its unreal. Whats this all about you ask? Yesterday i tested mine Rich's and Phil's friendship (not in the bad way >.>) I told em about me bein bisexual and about my love for gays etc. I was always scared about telling them, why? Because whenever they voice their opinions on gays, it ain't good. And here i am voicing i couldn't live without em XD

They are totally ok with it! They said it doesn't matter and all that kinda stuff ^^ a HUGE weight has been lifted from my chest, i can actually act like myself around them now. I only need to tell Paul and my 4 friends all know. I almost cried yesterday ;_; You don't know how much relief i felt when they said it wouldn't change a thing between us. When me and Rich were talking, i started being my perverted self and talking about gays =D Rich goes "I've never seen this side of you before" shows how well i hide it all don't it? Well i won't need to anymore ^.^ *sniff*

Well i found a way for you people to see my WPs ^.~ 1 Orlando, 1 Johnny, and 1 of the two of em (the Orli/Johnny one was a byatch to crop >.< but well worth it, i love it!) And before you ask, no, the Johnny/Orli one ain't meant to be gay, it's meant to be a friendship kinda view. I think they look really sweet in the pics together:

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