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Friday, June 10, 2005

Ahh God, sorry i haven't updated alot. Monday night and Tuesday night (7pm - 7am) i was working, so i wasn't on the computer for like 2 days straight *ZOMG!* cos i was basically going to work, going to bed, getting up and going work again lol. But i got 100 Pounds for it, so wasn't too bad i guess.

And then Philos kept makin me come out XD Damn him! He randomly shows up at my door and makes me come out, sometimes i'm half way thru an entry and he makes me shut down the fucking laptop. What an assshole X3

ZOMG! Saw Matt today *melts* He couldn't get any hotter even if he tried. Talked to him for a few seconds, and then he winked *melts even more* Fit!!

[People offended by religious spoofs, shouldn't read this]

Ohhh and the funniest conversation i had was with Phil yesterday i think. We were probably stoned cos we'd been smoking for 2 days straight. And we started chatting bout God being a Gangsta and squashing people XD

Phil said something bout the Grim Reaper being "God's hitman" so i said God was a lazy cunt for not doing it himself. Then Phil was like, he could just open up the sky and squash people with his finger XD TRY TO IMAGINE THAT! A giant hand randomly coming from the sky and squashin someone XD We sat there and laughed for 30minutes just from this image of a giant hand randomly squashing people on the ground. Also, God's lazy. Phil said "You know God created the world in 7 days. My fucking coursework takes longer then that!" X3 ZOMG! I was dying! Now, let's hope no one was offended by that XD

Anyway, seems i'm goin out again (damn, my social life has shot up o.O) so i'm going to be off ^.^ Puppy, Shanny, Sw33tz, SKF, Raven, Garbz, miss ya loads babes <33

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