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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Time: 7:15am
Mood: Tired ~_~
Music: System of a Down

Ack, i should be in bed, i feel soo tired. But can you guess what i was up all night doing? (No, not that you dirty hentai! Get your mind out the gutter XD). I was making this layout, fucking took forever ~_~ And some of it is still being stupid. I tried to put up some friends buttons, but for some strange reason the links are broken (i can't see the problem) so then half my page becomes one fat link ~_~ So i'm guna leave that for another time, when i can actually keep my eyes open haha.

Anyway, what do ya think of the new theme? I have been watching alot of Last Exile, and just had to put it up when i found all these cool piccys floating around the web. So far my fav out of Last Exile, has to be the machanics XD Seriously! Those guys are funny stuff! I could go on rambling, but then i might spoil it for those who wish to see it, or those who haven't seen as much as me yet =D But t'is an excellent anime, you should definatly try and watch it ^.^

Well my Grandad's b-day today. Going to go up my mum's to see him b^.^d Then gotta go and watch after Toria's kids while shes works later tonight. Which will be....fun....No laptop >.< Damn it! But at least they have a CD player hehe. That reminds me, i *finally* got SOAD's 1st album, and dude it rules! You see in my BG pic, where it says "Don't you ever get stuck in the sky"? That's a line from the song "Peephole". So, Sephy will be on a SOAD high for a lil while hehe.

Have to work nights again Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And i so am not looking forward to it >.< I fucking *hate* working for 12 hours during the night, in a factory! It is the most boring and repetitive job in the world! The hours drag, and since i'm using the same muscles over and over, i wake up the next morning feeling like a living corpse. Dear God kill me now XD

Anyway, i really should at least get a few hours sleep before my mum picks me up x.X Or i'm screwed hehe. Love ya all <33

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