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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Time: 4:15pm
Mood: Hot -_-
Music: SOAD - Spiders

Sorry for not being around, Michelle keeps dragging me out.

I don't know how active i'll be, i feel so, empty, as of late. The only people i ever want to talk to would be Val or Mai. I don't know why, i love ye all, never doubt that, it's just...i don't even know anymore ya know.

The theme shall be changing soon, once i finish everything, and that means i'll be putting up the rest of those buttons.

Ya know around Michelle and all my other friends, i feel like a loser, stupid, lower than any of them. Why? Maybe cos of all the laughing sent my way, even when i'm trying to be serious *shrugs* my life is one big joke, why should i care anymore?

Anyway, for the time i'm not here, ya know i'll be missing ya, especially my gals, ya know who you are. I might comment on other pages, depends on how i feel.

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