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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hey, once again people. Guess what? Josie now has purple hair =P Not entirely, but half/half lol. Also, for Christmas, outta the money my dad's no doubtedly guna give me, i'm guna get my lip pierced ^_^ Something i've always wanted done lol.

Ordered 4 Kakashi/Iruka (Naruto) Yaoi Doujinshi. Yay. Go me. Also, ordered the whole Naruto series =P Well, what they have out so far. It comes extra with pictures, manga, and loads of other bits and bobs which i'm happy about.

Decided what i'm guna go as for the next Anime Convention, which is in May. Decided to go as an ANBU from Naruto. I would go as Kakashi as an ANBU, except for the fact of the whole Sharingan eye thing, which costs quite a pretty penny, not to mention the hair. How would i make it stick that way? I'm sorry but i ain't wearing a wig XD I hate the darn things.

Some people asked whats going on between me and Shanny, and well, unless she tells ya, i have no place to say.

One last thing. I can't get the HTML for that music thing to work. Ya know where ya get several song options into one? Yeah, well, it's being sucky and not working XD

Anyways, my bro wants to come back on so tata <3

PS - Would random people who don't know me stop saying how much they're missed me please? It's getting annoying.

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