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Friday, July 8, 2005

Time: 6:15pm
Mood: Meh
Music: Nothing >.>

I'm guessing you've all heard the news? If you haven't, then you've had your head under a rock since yesterday morning. Firstly, let me put your minds at ease and assure that i'm ok and so are my friends and family. I've had several PMs and mentions from sites asking if i'm ok, well as i just said, yep i'm fine.

The death toll is at 50 and still climbing due to all the critical injuries people had. I could say alot more, but you probably don't need to hear it, poor Shanny's had to deal with me rambling on about it all, so i'll spare you the drama. Let's just say, i hope those bastards gets what's coming to em. I seriously do.

Other than that, Phil has said sorry, so me and him are ok again. Actually, Phil apoligized about 6 hours after i made my last post. I went out with Michelle Wednesday, at about 1pm, and i ended up sleeping round Paul's house.

It was fun other than when i found out about the whole London bombing thing. That was more than a downer. Me and Michelle was just watching TV, and than 'breaking news' came through about the bus blowing up. But as i said before, i'll leave the drama out of it all.

Most of the evening was spent shooting Chris and Peek with a BB Gun. Which was quite funny really =P And i finished my next set of 10 Joey icons: Click Here!

Anyway i'm off to play TS3 with my bro again. Have fun yo.

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