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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Lately i've been thinking about closing my site down. Why? Many reasons really. This place really doesn't mean what it use to for me. I don't tell it all the secrets i use to, in fear of scaring off some of my friends. And that's mainly the reason i stayed here, to have someplace to vent, but now i can't even do that. And before you say i could tell you my secrets are you won't run, i just can't. It's hard for me, it truly is. Also i think i've met all the friends that i'm guna now. There's only a select few i can say who actually come here for me, and not the layout or theme. Heh. If i do close my site, i won't delete it, so i can still comment on other pages and re-open this place if i ever want too. Well, i'll probably make a definate decision soon, so until then bye. óż
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