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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hmm...how do i say this without going back on my word...

Oh, wait, i can't. So might as well just say it. I'm back! Miss me? Didn't think so but you'll have to put up with me anyway haha.

But even though i'm back, i won't be posting on a daily basis like i use too, i don't even do that at my LiveJournal and i go there more often than here =P Yes, LJ has me hooked, what started off as only a graphics journal has slowly changed into a personal journal as well.

But, i decided to come back here cos i miss some of the people, and i can't seem to keep in contact with them unless i'm here and active.

Wanna know whats been going on in my life since i last had a *real* update? Well, you might, but i can't be bothered to tell in detail so i'll put it into points;

1} - I've had several large arguments with Phil (my best friend) over various crap. One time resulting in me having a panic attack.

2} - Tried to go college, but they cancelled all my classes. Sucks =/

3} - Got a job at a factory, although it's only when they have too much work that i go in. I hate it, but the people who work with me are funny so i can bare it.

4} - I hate myself for becoming the failure that i am.

5} - I think i've either pissed off or upset Shanny. Although i'm still waiting for a reply to my email to actually confirm which it is.

And lastly 6} - My internet at my house (currently at my mum's) has been cut because my dad's an ass. So my updates here will be limited to when i'm at my mum's.

Also, i got a funny PM asking me if i was single and if i wanted to go out with the sender (male). [sarcasim]Why yes, of course, i'll go out with you, Mr. No Name who i don't even know.[/sarcasim]

Ohh and for those interested, i went to my first anime convention in late October, dressed as some random person from Noir. Ok, not exactly a random person, but a main character, the funny thing is, i've never even watched Noir. And i still don't know the name of the girl i dressed as. Although alot of other people sure did.

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