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Monday, December 12, 2005

I don't know where i went wrong in my life. But nothing goes right for me anymore. I have no motivation or will power to make something better of myself anymore, that part of me died not too long ago. And i seem to be losing friends on a daily basis. The only 2 friends i have left are Phil and Kessra. That includes both offline & online. They're the only people who will actually *start* a conversation with me, not needing me to say the first word.

I'm beginning to feel some hatred towards Trish, one of the people who i would have called a friend not too long ago. She manipulates me quite abit, and i've only just noticed it. As much as i know my father hates me when i don't work, he doesn't say so. Yet Trish feels the need to voice his un-spoken opinion. When i said i wanted to quit working at the factory, for the pure reason that it's soul destroying, she says "Dad will be really pissed if you do." Why? It's not like it's his loss in anyway. I've bought all the Christmas presents i need too. I was simply going to work to save up for a new Computer and to get my internet back. So how does it effect him if i stop working? Answer: It doesn't.

Now i don't want your pity, nor do i want "I'm still your friend", because quite frankly, none of you are anymore. There's a few of you i would count as a 'mate', but none of you as a friend, as stated, i only have 2 friends left now. Some who i use to consider friends, have simply disappeared from my life.

I don't honestly know why i wrote this, if anything it's either going to annoy you, or upset you, depending on whom you are. I guess i just needed an out-let. And now that i've found it, i bid you all farewell.

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