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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

About a week ago, i was more then certain i was guna re-join. Well not leave at least. I was guna just use this place as somewhere i can post my graphics. Until i got back into the swing of things at least.

But now? Well i don't think my new layout plan is ever guna get a foot off the ground ^_^; So i've decided to drop MyOtaku.

I already have a graphics journal, over at LiveJournal. And the whole diary thing, well i just don't seem up to it anymore. As i said before, there's only a hand full of people that come here for me, and well, most of them i talk to on MSN anyways.

I'm having a shitty time at the moment, things just keep getting worse, and i just don't worry about this place. Not to offend anyone, but this place is now on the bottom of my list.

I may come back =/ So yes, i'm leaving this place open. You can comment etc, and i'll still read em. I just ain't guna post. And i'll comment on your sites, but only rarely.

Can i ask a quick favour of some of you? Seto Kaiba Freak, Me Luv Kyo Kun and Broken Blade could i have your MSN address'?

Until i either next post (which could be months), or i speak to you, tata my loves óż óż

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