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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ok, this post is simply guna be graphics >>; All of them being sigs x3 I don't mind if you use them; at forums, here at myO, blogs etc etc. All i ask is that you credit me, by either putting "Made by Dark Sephiroth", or by making the sig link back to me (either here or my LJ). And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't claim them as your own, i take time making these >>; Some of these are slightly old, where as some are brand spanking new, ohh, and alot of them are variations x3 AND, all of these have either a black or a white border =P Just saying since you won't be able to see the white borders.

This can be used a header.

And just for laughs: Japanese work out video.
Watch that, completely random oO Either that or they think all you Americans are thieving bastards XD

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