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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sorry that i haven't been updating recently. But i started college so, ya know; Work + Exhaustion = Can't even be bothered to come online, yet alone update. And it isn't just here, everywhere, LiveJournal, L-Factor etc.

I'm doing a Diploma in Administration or, a BTEC Award in Business (two names, same thing). Broken down into 5 different Units. So far it ain't bad, but me and my sister worked out that it's guna be hard work =/ You see, by the end of the course, which is only a year long, i shall have the same as 3 A Levels, but most people get 3 A Levels after two years, not just one >>; Ah well, it said after this course we'll be 'very employable' which is all good lol.

Anyway, just a short update to say why i ain't been around, and why i might not update regulary, not like i did anyway, but this means even less regulary ><;

I hope your all well! Take care!

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