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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Shadowlight {aka Puppy}
Damn girl, i was looking through my archives yesterday and noticed you were one of the first people to comment on my site, well one of those who commented and actually stuck by x3

I don't know how, but somehow we lost touch, because i remember going back to your site and realising i had already signed ye guestbook =P From there our friendship went from 'decent' friends to close friends.

I remember all our convos on MSN, hehe xD I loved our silly lil roleplays with Seto & Joey, i'm sure you can rememeber em ^_~ I think that's when i first decided to give you a nickname, and said puppy would be perfect considering how cute and affectionate you truly are =D Then you called me kitty x3 Which i loved since i'm a lover of all things cat like lol.

You quickly became one of me fav people to talk too, just because you were a breath of fresh air, even though you had your down points (who doesn't?) you always thought positive, even when the going got tough. You're lively, friendly, caring & everything else that seems good in the world. But, like Shanny, you won't be pushed about, like when you told me about you slapping that creepy guy. I laughed my head off x3 I bet he didn't see that coming neh!!

Of course, like everyone, i had my down times, but you were always there to shine a lil light on the situation, just by being you i would smile, and surprisingly enough, laugh out loud, literally. You would take on the weight of everyone else and wouldn't ask for a thing in return, but i wouldn't let you get away with that =D So many feelings/emotions have passed between us, and even though 1 or 2 have them have been slightly un-welcome, the good totally outweighs the bad.

You're definately a light in my life babe, one that i wouldn't know what to do without =)


EDIT: Don't you think it'd be cool if we had a fanfic section? How wicked would that be =D

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