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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Dark Phoenix {aka Shanny}
Dear God where do i start? One of the first comments i ever received from you was commenting on the shounen-ai story i done for Sano/Kenshin (which btw i found & will be posting up after i've re-vamped it lol!). So i think you instantly knew i was a yaoi-girl =D I think you loved all my posts where all i done was post lots of yaoi pics ^o^

Another one of the other first proper comments you left me, you was offering to listen to me vent over MSN, i had a bad day, and even though you didn't know me that well you looked out for me, which i really appreciate, even to this day.

It wasn't till a good few months into our friendship that we finally swapped MSN address'. Of course, i felt a little weird talking to someone a few years my senior, but you talked to me maturely and made me feel like the age difference meant nothing.

You are to this day the only person i've told a certain something too, something that i cried over, but then you turned round and told me something that from my knowledge you've only told a couple of people tops, simply so i felt better. And i didn't realise till now that it probably hurt you more re-telling your story then it did mine, but you done that for me, that i will never forget.

From then on i told you near enough everything, i hope i didn't overload you with my angst lol, i always had alot of venting to do. You truly were my rock. And i hope that in someway, i was your's too. And whenever i got into arguments you were right there backing me.

I've had/have alot of myO friends, some whom i'm still friends with now, some whom i lost contact with a long time ago, but you, your one in a lifetime. You've made me who i am today, i was once an angry, hating, anti-social, depressed, suicidal girl (& i'll admit i was scared at times). And now, i have friends who i'd lay my life down for, i laugh way more than i cry, and i can actually see myself growing old. I actually love living. And i don't think i'd have ever made it this far without you helping me along the way.

Yes, that's extremely corny, but the corny shit is always the most truthful neh? Your understanding, caring, intelligent, and treat others as equals. Yet you ain't a push over, far from it, you could stand your ground and without even resulting to obscene language (that was my job) you put people back into their place. And hot damn do you have a sense of humour x3

Sometimes life seems abit hard for you, but you don't give in, you've run yourself exhausted so many times, and yet you still manage to get up again and re-do it all. I truly wish i had your determination, your strength.

As i said your one in a lifetime and i wouldn't trade you for the world.

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