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Monday, July 31, 2006

Been watching quite abit of anime recently. Well, watched the first episodes of; Air Gear, Utawarerumono, Ergo Proxy, Ichigo 100% & Karas.

Ergo Proxy along with Karas have to be my favourites at the moment. Although Karas is hard to wrap your head around at first, but then again, i guess the same could be said for Ergo Proxy. Definately one of those animes you have to watch & listen to carefully. Ya know, one of those, 'blink and you'll miss it' kinda things? The beginning of Ergo Proxy was fucking wicked =P It reminded me of the Grudge or The Ring (& no, i don't mean the shitty American versions). Just the way that dude moved >>; And Karas (which could technically be considered a movie since it's about 90mins) is just cool. Lots of action, yet still maintaining mystery.

I've always loved series (although Karas is only 3 parts long) like these =P Made me go back and find Serial Experiments Lain, i never did get to finish watching that anime.

Ergo Proxy:


Utawarerumono is quite a popular anime, and i can see why. Yet another hentai game turned anime, like AIR TV & Sukisho, if i remember rightly. So the anime style is quite similar to that of AIR TV. And even though i'm only 2 episodes in so far, i can tell it's guna be one of those i enjoy =P (although not as much as AIR, i loved that anime to bits). And OMG they have tails and ears O.O Seriously, Eruruu expression is adorable when that masked guy strokes her tail to see if it's real x3 (and no, i can't pronounce the title -_-)


I think i might enjoy the manga more than the anime when it comes to Air Gear, the beginnings are quite different really >>; But then, that goes for all manga/anime doesn't it i guess? But it is an anime i will enjoy =P Although i personally feel that Ikki should be aged around 16/17, and not 13. Why do they always make the young ones the heros?

Air Gear:

*hehe, this scene made me laugh x3 Ikki trying to slap a sticker/badge on Simca's ass lol! he looks so damn smug with himself when he does x3

Can anyone tell me if the OVA of Ichigo 100% does the series any justice? Cos if that's it, then i don't think i'll watch the series. I'm not saying it's a bad anime, just not my type. Might as well have "PORN" slapped on it lol. Sexual innuendos fly at you from every direction xP Definately my least fav of the anime i've recently downloaded >>;

Ichigo 100% OVA:

As for manga, well i've been reading both DGray Man & Dogs, along with obviously, Air Gear. DGray Man is totally awesome, seriously a manga i'd recommend, and i haven't got too far into Dogs yet so i won't comment on that yet. After i've gotten through a few of these series (or at least watched a fair few of them) i think i'll start on XXholic & Clover, i keep hearing wonderful things about them =)

And as a final note, Happy 3rd Anniversary to myO!!

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