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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

rant// (lots of swearing)

Wanna know what i'm sick of? Adverts. More specifically, adverts directed towards women & their weaknesses. Most women have something they wish they could change, even if it's something silly and small. Take me, i wish my eyelashes were darker. And these fucking adverts pray on this weaknesses and make it seem like you *have* to change it to be a better person, as if no one would look at you twice if that one thing isn't changed for the better.

What set this off? Usually i would just grumble under my breath when such adverts come on, but yesterday this one advert made me fucking sick. For a product called "First Signs" or something stupid like that. You wanna know what it's for? Wrinkles. Now ok, i don't mind elderly women using wrinkle cream, for the pure fact that they have fucking wrinkles, and fucking lots of em. But this wrinkle cream isn't aimed at elderly women, it's fucking aimed at people as young as 18. FUCKING 18?! WHAT FUCKING 18 YEAR OLD HAS DEEP WRINKLES?! You wanna know what 18 year old has wrinkles? Every one of em. THEY'RE CALLED FUCKING EXPRESS LINES!! And every motherfucker has em, it's what makes us human. We smile, we get em, we cry, we get em. Any emotion that plays across your face, we get em.

So now these fucking assholes who think beauty is only skin deep want you to become in-human. FUCK EM! FUCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF EM! These bastards have a nerve trying to make people as young as 18 think they actually have wrinkles (elderly type wrinkles). And then they get some smart assed beauty therpist trying to promote their fucking product on TV adverts. Any decent beauty therpist would tell you the little things to make you a happier person, and in general just to be happy as yourself, looking how you wanna look. Not how these close minded c***s want you to look. And you wanna know what? Those of you doing this shit cos you think "ahh, men will turn their head otherwise", guess what? Your fucking stupid and wrong. Males barely notice this shit, believe me i hang round with em constantly, unless their as close minded as the bastards selling the products in the first place. And if they are, that's not someone you want to be trying to impress, kick his dumb ass to the curb & throw something large and heavy at his head for good measure.

So from now on, i fully put my support into Dove's new website: www.compaignforrealbeauty.com



*Breathes* Ok, that made me feel better. And ohh, isn't my new layout wicked =) Thank you SKF! *huggles much* And Puppy, thank for being so understanding last night, you truly are the best & i know you said i spoilt you with all the hugs but *Hugshugshugs* You really deserve em =P

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